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Not sure if we have quite enough time to post here. We need to get to Home Evening Group pretty soon. We've been working on Negima! late, because not only is our deadline a little earlier than expected, but today we realized that both volumes 11 and 12 have an extra chapter. And we just now discovered that the lexicons in both volumes are trying to kill us. They should be fascinating, at least.

Anyway, last night we watched The Shaggy Dog, which was a fun movie, and then we wanted to look up the cast, so we went to the Internet Movie Database! Tadah! And when we got there, we noticed a big picture for Snow White and the Huntsman (huuuunt♪), so we checked out the trailer, and it looks like it's going to have Stunning Visuals! It also looks like it's another one of those, "Let's make Snow White a tough girl!" things, which is, y'know, kind of okay, I guess, but we really are getting a little fed up with the whole "let's make women prove they're just as good as men by being manly!" thing.

I'm not going to harp on that (and I wouldn't even if I had the time for it), but I did want to type up the lyrics to a really great song from Scripture Scouts. The context is that the littlest girl is sad because her friend won't let her play superheroes because she's so little, and the older girl wants to tell her that there are more kinds of heroes than you might think. The first verse has the littlest girl singing about how she wants to be a hero, and the second verse is the older girl's version of heroics. The lyrics are a little religious, because they're at a Scripture Scout meeting, acting out scriptures. Check 'em out, and think about what it really means to be a hero.

The Sword Song
By Melanie Hoffman

Let me hold the sword,
Let me be blow the trumpet,
Let me shoot the arrow that flies swift and true.
Let me be the wind,
Let me be the thunder.
Let me be anything you need, Lord, in the work there is to do.

Let me be a blanket that stops the winter's chill.
Let me be a candle that shines upon a hill.
Let me be the gentle rain that falls on thirsty flow'rs.
Let me by anything, Lord, I am yours.

Today I'm thankful for Scripture Scout songs, finally being done with work for the day, getting to watch The Shaggy Dog last night, getting to watch the DVD about Grandpa last night (which was also awesome), and that phone call just now not being someone asking for money.
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