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We had a heartwarming experience at the temple today. We went with our ward to do baptisms, as usual, but this time, we were joined by a family who wanted to do ordinances for their relatives. The oldest child in the family was a boy who had recently gotten endowed and will be leaving for his mission on Wednesday, and the youngest was a girl who was at the temple for the first time. Because the brother had just gotten endowed, he was able to baptize his sisters for their ancestors, and the little girl was just so cute, and they were all so happy, and you could see how much they all loved each other, even if the brother was laughing at how funny the middle one was when she went down into the water. It was (as I said before) very heartwarming.

When we were all done with baptisms, Sister P wanted to get a picture of the whole group, and then there was a whole big discussion about who should take the picture, because Sister P should be with her husband, so Brother G (the dad in the family that joined us) offered to take the picture, but Sister P insisted that the whole family should be in the picture, and then I suggested that Athena or I take the picture, because really, if one of us is in the picture, we're both in the picture. I meant it as a joke about being identical, and I actually wasn't being cynical at all this time, but a couple of people were nice enough to say, "You know that's not true." And then the elders' quorum president suggested we have everyone take turns taking the picture so each person gets a turn not being in it. Or something like that.

And then we went to In-N-Out and had a lovely early lunch, because despite being joined by that lovely family, our group was tiny, so it didn't take very long to finish at the temple. And then we came home and decided to slack off and catch up on Chihayafuru (except for episode six, because we'd been sitting at the computer long enough), where the characters are driving us crazy. Taichi finally stops being a jerk, and now Arata's being stupid. Men. It's a good thing Chihaya is so awesome or we may have to stop watching. Although, unlike some other shows, the story isn't driving us crazy--just the characters.

Today I'm thankful for heartwarming temple trips, getting almost caught up on Chihayafuru, having a lovely lunch at In-N-Out, now having a fair chunk of time to play Type-0 )depending on when we're leaving for stake conference), and the very yummy Paydays we had for a snack.
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