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Pancake breakfast

Help! Page did something to the settings in Open Office, and I have no idea how to fix it! It's nothing big, but it's driving me up the wall! When I hit the space bar, it works, but it doesn't show me that it worked until I start typing the next word. It's fine if I can just type a sentence and have it be perfect, but first of all, I'm a terrible typist, and second of all, I end up going back and forth from the file to dictionaries and stuff, which makes it really annoying trying to figure out if there's a space where I left off or not. Can somebody please tell us how to fix it!?

In other news, before we left the temple last night, Steve called Mom, because Mom was home sick and he wanted to know if he should get anything for her on the way home. Sarah picked up because she was taking care of Mom, I think, and while she had us all there, she invited the two of us to breakfast at IHOP! This was perfect, because we wanted to go try out their new holiday menu! Or rather, we wanted to try one item on the menu: the white chocolate chip mint pancakes. So off we went!

While we were there, we discovered that they also have gingerbread hot chocolate, and the waitress said I could totally have gingerbread chocolate milk instead, so I did! And it was really good! To be honest, I was a little surprised, because the last time we had a special holiday gingerbread flavored menu item, it didn't work out so well. But this time it was just right! ...Or almost just right. I think it would have worked better hot, but since I don't like hot drinks, then, well. There you have it. That being the case, it's perfect just the way it is on the menu!

The pancakes were really good, too! We don't normally like white chocolate, but in this context, it was pretty amazing. And the peppermint granule thingies were awesome. Highly recommended!

And we had a lovely time talking with Sarah about this, that, and the other thing. So it was good all around, and the whole experience fueled us for the rest of the day, and we were able to work until past quitting time without even stopping for lunch! This was good, because Negima! is being...itself. Only moreso than usual. Dude, it's a fighting tournament! Less talking, more fighting! Come on! We also discovered that, due to a slight miscalculation on our part, our deadline is sooner than expected. We're pretty sure we can do it, but we're not sure how many overtime hours we're going to have to put in, especially if they don't stop talking! Rar.

Also, now that we know somebody we talk to on a semi-regular basis (Sarah) is watching Once Upon A Time, we have to keep up! So I guess it's about time to watch that! Or Chihayafuru. But the video games...! ...We have way too much to do. Oh well, we'll get to it all eventually. For now, Once Upon A Time.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely breakfast with Sarah, not having to do laundry today, getting a decent amount of work done on Negima!, the good old days when pressing the space bar meant something, and getting to try the new holiday pancakes at IHOP.
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