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LiveJournal's being weird again! Oh well.

We're quittin' work early today, because we're going to the temple, and because Negima! is a little draining, and we're tired. Not a whole lot to report on, but we did order some fancy cookies online. The Wheel of Fortune website had a coupon! And then it was super confusing, and now we think we got the cookies for the price of just the shipping, when we were supposed to get them for half price. But all we did was follow instructions! We're not trying to steal! We promise!

If they're good cookies, maybe we'll order another tin. The website ( also has some super yummy looking desserts, but my goodness they are expensive. They better be super yummy, because fifty dollars for one cake? What the heck?

Anyway. America's Next Top Model last night was kind of dumb. The photo shoot had the models dressing up in underwear and sitting in a salad bowl, and pouring olive oil all over themselves. We bet their skin felt great afterwards, but the point is, objectifying women much? I mean, yeah, being a model is kind of objectifying yourself, putting yourself out there to be stared at by millions of maybe I'm complaining about nothing, but sometimes they have photo shoots that are trying to send a message that might be sort of important! This time the message was what, "I'm here for you to eat me"?

Athena just reminded me of the nude candy shoot, so I guess I really am complaining at the show for being itself. Maybe we just didn't like it last night because we don't like salad. I mean, they're in Greece--there are so many more interesting Greek things than salad. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for cookie coupons, having fancy cookies to look forward to, getting plenty of work done on Negima today, getting to take a little time off from the big project, and getting to sleep in a little.
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