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Ah, nothing like an older volume of Negima! to remind you how crazy-making it is from a translation standpoint. Fortunately, there's a small chance we'll get extra time to work on it.

In the meantime, we finally listened to our fancy Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep-358/2 Days-Re:coded soundtrack. I think it was just the thing to make us want to play more Kingdom Hearts! ...I mean, just the thing to drive away the rest of the gloom that had been hanging around. Part of the problem was the family issues that got brought up on Sunday, and part of the problem was that we got some potentially stressful news yesterday morning. And of course, potentially stressful news is stressful until proven non-stressful, so there you go. News remains unconfirmed, so our only option is to forget about it until further notice (while perhaps preparing for the worst (which is actually not very bad; we're just...stressed, I guess)).

And because we're hoping for the best in regards to Negima! omnibi, we've opted to call it a day and go back to Type-0! (Also because we have a busy evening, and of course, because we like our shiny new game.) It has this mode where you can ask other players to come help you out in battles, but in case you can't hook up to the internet, there's a sub-mode where you can have random computer players come help you instead! And they name each of the random computer players! We suspect, they name them after people who worked on the game, because we got help from Yuki Kaji and Ryoko Shiraishi, who are the voices of a couple of the characters. Yuki Kaji also plays Ryuichi in Gakuen Babysitters and Thumbelina in Ouji to Thing Thing Thing! We were mildly tempted to go on to Twitter and thank him for helping us out. But like I said, we're stressed.

The point is, we were very excited to have some great voice actors help us out in battle.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play shiny video games, neat features that let us get help from fake voice actors, getting to listen to our shiny Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, having a little bit of time to play video games today, and it being cool enough to have almost constant lap kitties.
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