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It's game time

We turned in Negima! this morning, and technically we should be working on the next omnibus. But instead, we're taking the afternoon off, because our package arrived! Tadah! And since we don't have any evening plans, today will be a good day to get a good chunk of playing time in. Hopefully it will help dispel the gloom that's been hanging around today--I have been so out of it.

In happier news, yesterday we joined our ward in distributing fliers for the food drive thingie our stake is doing. It's a big milestone anniversary for the LDS church's welfare program, and to celebrate, all the stakes all over have been asked to do a biiiiig service project. Our stake is helping out with the Fresno Food Bank. Most wards have been asked to donate their body weight in food, but since our ward is full of poor college students, we're going around asking other people to help out. So last night, we went to distribute fliers, and on Thursday, people will go back to the houses we left fliers at and collect food from them. (We won't be joining them, because we have plans to go to the temple instead.)

The Relief Society president, who was also in charge, gave us and another friend a ride, and to thank us for helping out, she treated us to sundaes from MacDonald's. (The original offer was hot chocolate or something (non-caffeinated) from Starbucks, but we found MacDonald's first and we wanted sundaes.) And then we came home and played Professor Layton, because our package had not yet been delivered.

But it's delivered now! And so it's time for us to go play with our shiny new game.

Today I'm thankful for our package finally getting here (not like it took forever, though), having the opportunity to help with the service project, getting treated to sundaes at MacDonald's, getting to take the afternoon off, and not having any evening plans to interrupt our gaming (but we'll probably watch Last Man Standing).
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