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Delivery fail

The mood of today went from "busy busy busy!" to "what? RAR! ...Siiiiiigh..." very quickly.

Originally, the plan was to continue taking a break from the big project, finish Negima! 34 in no time flat!, and spend the rest of the day playing Type-0! We had been tracking our package carefully, and it was scheduled to deliver this morning by 10:30. And we got a phone call to confirm!

Well, first our plans went awry by the fact that we didn't get to take more time off from the big project. Oh well, at least we like it a lot. It just means we'll have to finish Negima that much faster! ...But wait, we were still trying to figure out the connection between wind and lightning. Darn it!

In the meantime, 10:30 came and went with no delivery. Oh well, I guess that just means they delivered it to the office, as they've done oh so many times in the past. We wish they'd get over it, but that just means we can work with less distraction. (Although we did get no less than three calls from people asking for charitable donations. That's definitely a vote for cancelling the land line to save money, but on the other hand, cancelling the land line so I'll stop donating money to causes sounds incredibly selfish. But what we pay in donations plus what we pay for our land line may in fact balance out the cost of the cell phone plan. But I like the land line. It's my friend.)

Anyway, we were busy busy busy working on stuff, and Negima kept taking longer and longer because there were new spells but no Latin provided except for at the very end of each one, which wreaks havoc with our consistency. And the fact that the spells were new meant more work as well, and they referenced Norse mythology and...

But finally! we finished Negima!, and we were ready to go get our package from the office! We were a little worried, because we have a church activity at six-thirty, and we weren't sure if we'd have a big enough chunk of time for a satisfactory beginning with Type-0, but that's okay, we'll get over it. And, just because I like to, we decided to track the package online to see that they'd delivered it.

...Only they hadn't delivered it. Its status was listed as "delivery exception," and the reason given was that no one was there to accept the package / the establishment was closed. What!? But we were here! All day! I was even awake long before the wake-up call saying "by the way, your package is coming"!

Then we noticed that the attempted delivery time was 8:50. Our apartment office opens at nine. In other words, they didn't deliver the package because it was too early to give it to the office, and the delivery person didn't want to bother bringing it to our door. And to that, we say RAAAARRRRRRRR!!

And now we say siiiiiigh... It's just as well. We'll feel less rushed to start the game tomorrow, when we don't have any evening plans. And besides, we have some other stuff we should catch up on before we get absorbed in a shiny new game. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for the sun being already up when we got out of bed, finishing the volume of Negima we were working on, delivery people who come to our door (dude, the UPS lady brought that gigantic box with the air purifier all the way to our door!), having time to catch up on a few things, and the pretty picture of a moose on our calendar.
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