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We're in a cardboard jungle!

We're surrounded by cardboard boxes! We were working, and we heard a knock on the door. It was the UPS lady! She had left a biiiiiig box on our doorstep, with a little envelope on top. The little envelope was from Kinokuniya. I tossed it on the loveseat, and proceeded to wrestle the big box into the bedroom. I opened it up...and there was another box!

And then we decided to get more work done. That meant working until approximately quitting time, and then spending an extra ten or twenty minutes trying to find information on the connection between wind and lightning (non-scientific). We're sure we came across something before, or else we'd be just as mystified as everybody else as to why the Averruncus of Wind is attacking with lightning, and we'd probably just be like, "Weird. Whatever," but because we did come across something in the past, we were like, "Oh! Now we can write a cultural note and the fans won't think we're slacking." Plus it would be neat. If, y'know, we could figure out what the connection was. We have a few leads, but nothing solid, and we decided we were done working for the week and it could wait until Monday. Besides, we know where we found it before, and we might be able to find it again with a little video game time.

In the meantime, Oreo thought the giant box was worth checking out, so he hopped inside for a little while, but soon got tired of it. Sad.

Then! we opened the second box to find the box with our brand new air purifier in it. So we pulled it out and plugged it in! And now our air is supposedly being purified, but right now it smells like new plastic. But we do know that it doesn't make much noise, so we have high hopes. On the other hand, we also know that Oreo walked by the air purifier, stopped right in front of it, and sneezed. Either Oreo is allergic to pure air, or it still needs some time...or maybe the moving air tickled his nose. Either way, we're amused.

We're also very happy, because! of something that will take some explaining. See, we ordered the new Final Fantasy Type-0 from CD Japan, along with the soundtrack and a couple of Labyrinth of Grimm CDs. We suspected we might have to wait a little extra long for the Labyrinth of Grimm CDs, because we had to wait extra long for the first ones we got, and sure enough, on Wednesday we got an email saying that we'd have to wait for those CDs. Well, we were getting impatient for Type-0 (as if we need more video games right now), so we decided to tell them to cancel the CDs and send the video game along. The plan was to wait until everything was cleared up with the order, and then order the Labyrinth of Grimm CDs again...maybe with one or two more than before.

So we waited for the shipping confirmation, or a notice about our order status or something. But as it turns out, Thursday was a national holiday in Japan, so we had a whole extra day to worry about what would become of our order. Then, last night (Friday morning in Japan), we got a shipping confirmation! They shipped the game, the soundtrack...and the Labyrinth of Grimm CDs? What?

There was also an email responding to our request to change the order. It said that when the person in charge of our order checked availability that morning, the Labyrinth of Grimm CDs were in stock, so they sent them along! Tadah! And we're very happy about that. (But a little sad that we don't have an excuse to order more.)

Oh! And another strange and wondrous thing happened last night! We went to Thursday Night Activity, and it was volleyball, and volleyball isn't too terrible a sport, because it doesn't involve so much running, so we figured we might as well play so the bishop's wife wouldn't hound us about it (she's very nice, but she thinks we should, like, participate and stuff). And! we both managed to serve the ball over the net! Wow!

...But don't take that as a sign that we're suddenly going to be really into volleyball. We played for probably about half an hour, and then, much like when I was watching Pirates 4 and decided I was ready for something else, we decided we'd had enough, and we stopped. And the bishop's wife drove us home and we watched an episode of Star Driver.

Today I'm thankful for getting our shiny new air purifier, getting our shiny new manga, being sent shiny new video games, finding the CDs we ordered were in stock after all, and cardboard jungles.
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