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The dreaded manga order

Another productive day today! We finished the section of the big project that we're working on, and our first draft of Negima! 34. If we're lucky, we'll get to take the day off from the big project and spend tomorrow finishing Negima!. That would be so fantastic. ...Unless we still had to make up hours after that. Then it would be a little less fantastic, but we'll just see what happens. At any rate, I'm just glad we're done with the Negima! bonus pages.

Let's see...we finally ordered manga yesterday! We've been kind of afraid to, for a couple of reasons. First, since we've actually has enough money to spend on toys (as opposed to it all going straight to bills), we've been taking advantage of that fact. Disneyland, DVDs, video games... We've been careful not to get too much at once, but then we just end up making more than one order. It's really a little sad.

That being the case, recently it's been like, "We should order this thing!" "But we just made a million orders. It can wait."

The other reason we've been hesitant to order manga is that we have a bunch of it piling up all over the place. We really need to organize our bookshelves and probably get some more. Seriously, the manga is literally piling up. (I think the piles are relatively small, because we don't want them to topple over--and with Page on the rampage, that's a high risk.) And not only that, but we haven't been able to make time to read what we've got. We have a box that got here from Kinokuniya about a month ago that's still taped shut. So we've convinced ourselves that it's pointless to order more.

The strange part, in our opinion, is that the reason for our lack of time is not, as we'd normally expect, because we're spending all our time playing video games (although that's part of it), but because we To do Things. It's a strange and mystical world.

And then we watched Once Upon A Time and remembered that not only are we addicted to fairy tales, but the most recent volume of our current best fairy tale fix came out about two weeks ago. So last night we decided to order it! Bam!

But we're still a little nervous about ordering manga, so we kept the order small. Just the new volume of Ascribe to Heaven (came out about a month ago) and another volume of Skip Beat. And Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to, of course. We wanted to get the Gakuen Alice picture book, but none of the US Kinokuniya's had it in stock. Boo. Oh well, maybe next time.

In the meantime, we still have a ton of fun stuff to do.

Today I'm thankful for getting a bunch of stuff done today, finally ordering the latest volume of Ouji thing thing thing, finding my DS (so we can fill more time with video games, eheh), our Relief Society president coming over last night and bringing us chocolate (just when Athena was thinking, "We spend all Wednesday night watching TV. It's fun, but it's not like we wouldn't put the sitcoms down if we didn't have something better to do," RS pres called, and we got to visit with people!), and still not missing any of America's Next Top Model (it was a nice visit, but it was also nice to get to see all of our show).
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