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Haven't we saved enough daylight yet?

We feel so productive today! Yay! ...But there's not much to report on, except for the fact that Daylight Saving Time is driving us crazy! We used to like Daylight Saving's Time, but this is too much. We've been trying real hard to pull ourselves out of bed at seven-thirty (ish), but when the sun's not even up yet, it's very, very difficult.

We noticed that it was getting darker and darker in the mornings when the alarm went off, but we just kept telling ourselves, "It's okay. We'll be going back to standard time soon, and then the sun will be up before we are!" It's such a beautiful thought... But the switch keeps not coming! So we looked it up and it starts in November now!? What the heck? I know it was moved in an effort to conserve energy, but can't people just turn off the lights when they leave a room? And if the sun's not up before we are, we have to use electricity to read our scriptures in the morning!

This morning it was especially bad. I mean, before it just seemed like an overcast morning until the sun was officially up, but this morning it was dark. We almost just rolled over and went back to sleep. It's a good thing we didn't though, because we got a lot done today! Yay!

One of these days, I'll remember to pull all our recent Disneyland photos off the camera so we can start posting them. One of these days...

Today I'm thankful for getting a lot of work done today, the adorable arctic fox on our calendar, finally getting to the part we really wanted to get to in Negima (at which point the whistle blew and it was quitting time, and we promptly put the book down--it's something to look forward to tomorrow), only two more days of daylight saving's time to worry about (technically three, but we sleep in on Saturdays), and cookie dough being on sale at Fresh & Easy yesterday.
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