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Trick or what?

We're up too late as it is (Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box has a minigame that involves getting a hamster to exercise!), but I figure I should at least do a quick update. Today was busy (as indicated by the late posting), and we went to the temple! Yay! Fresh & Easy gets so little Halloween candy that they don't bother putting it on sale, except for the stuff that is actually Halloween shaped. Alas.

We didn't get any trick-or-treaters, probably because we were at a friend's house for a good portion of the night, but she got two sets of trick-or-treaters that made us very sad. The first group rang the doorbell and just stood there with their bags open. So we said, "What do you say?" from our spots far from the door. And we heard the parents tell them, "Say 'Happy Halloween'!"


Palm, meet Forehead.

The second group also failed to say "trick or treat" but was even worse in that there were kids who weren't even in costume! What is this country coming to? Little freeloaders. If you don't have the guts to wear a costume, you don't get candy. Okay, I understand that costumes cost money, but we've seen more than one manga where they teach the preschool kids to make their own costumes with construction paper! (I'm refraining from putting words in all caps, because I don't want to yell right now; I'm tired. Nevertheless...) CONSTRUCTION PAPER!! You can buy a pack of it at the dollar store! ...We think.

And you get AT LEAST that much back in candy.

Next year, I'm going to have a supply of Burger King crowns or something, so if any kid tries to beg candy from me without a costume on, they'll still have the opportunity to earn their keep.

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, kids who aren't afraid to wear costumes, parents who teach their kids how to trick-or-treat right, hamster minigames, and getting our package from Play Asia today! When are we ever going to find time for all these video games?
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