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Happy Halloween!

Whew, we finished the rush job! Woohoo! And now we're only an hour behind on the big project! Yay! We were worried we might miss a whole day. It's not exceptionally hard to make up the time, but I'm getting nervous about constantly putting off Negima. And now we're getting especially nervous because our boss at Kodansha is already talking about turning in the next Negima and Deltora Quest! Aaaaahhh!

We can totally do it. It's just a question of how much free time we'll have. We'll probably have about the same amount of free time as normal, but since we're in the middle of Negima, and we just took a four-day weekend from it, it's really hard to tell how long anything is going to take. And we might end up taking another day off from Negima tomorrow, because we're going to the temple.

On the bright side, we're going to the temple tomorrow! Yay! We haven't been there in...way too long. November is our stake's Temple Impact Month, and they want everybody to go to the temple at least once a week. Last year, we totally fell behind on that because we didn't know who to call for a ride (but we did help clean twice that month!), but this year, we've already arranged for Mom to be our temple buddy.

But we probably would have missed out anyway if our Relief Society hadn't planned to have an RS temple night tomorrow. We decided to asked the president for a ride, since, as the president, we expected her to be there, but she has work, and since we asked her at choir practice, there was nobody else around to go to. But Mom called last night to ask about Pokemon, and I brought it up, and it just so happened that she and Steve are going to the very same session. So it all works out in the end. Yay!

As for tonight, whoa, it's Halloween? When did that happen? Wasn't that over like two weeks ago? Anyway, Home Evening Group was cancelled tonight even though nobody had any plans, because Halloween plans apparently are spontaneous or something?, but we're going over to where it usually happens to watch the Disney animated Legend of Sleepy Hollow with our friend. It's perfect because I'd been wanting to watch that, and we just couldn't find an opportunity.

Today I'm thankful for the amazing double chocolate ice cream bars we had (Magnus brand, chocolate ice cream dipped in Belgian chocolate, then dipped in fudge, then dipped in another layer of Belgian chocolate), not being too far behind on the big project, finishing the rush project, keeping the kitty situation from turning into a kitty emergency (the usual problem with Oreo; details omitted for the potential TMI factor), and appliances that sing.
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