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Wow, Negima's sure getting intense. It's so hard to put it down! Except for the fact that quittin' time's quittin' time. And we're already working later than normal quittin' time, because we had home teachers come over in the middle of the workday. We talked about how we looked it up and found out that we weren't mistaken in thinking that James is the English form of Jacob, and there's no reason to get all bent out of shape about it, it would be like calling me Veronica (a Romantic name meaning truth). Though on the other hand, I guess some people would be upset about being called the wrong name, even if it is just the same name in another language. I personally wouldn't mind so much, because my name belongs to me, and if people call me something else, that just means they're not misusing it. But then, we've never been too worried about people calling us by the right name, probably because most people don't bother to try, and the ones who do tend to annoy us.

Anyway. The next chapter in Negima is the one where we're pretty sure XXX dies. These are the dangers of Twitter, and the types of things that makes us glad we don't go there so much anymore. I mean, the chapter title (involving some kind of sacrificial move of a type specific to that character) was bad enough, but the Twitter reaction certainly doesn't help. (Incidentally, if said character is not in fact dead, don't tell us. That's a spoiler, too.)

What else...? Oh! The neighbor's cat got into our apartment today! S/he jumped in when our home teachers took their time coming through the door. Oh, but she's so adorable (I assume she, but I could be wrong). When we first saw her hanging around, she was so little, but with such an enormous tail, that we just wanted to scoop her up and take her home with us, even though we already have two cats. But since she was hanging around, we figured she might belong to somebody, and we already have two cats, which was the limit when we moved in here (maybe that's changed...).

Now she belongs to our next door neighbors. She may have belonged to them originally, but we know they have a habit of taking in strays, so it's hard to say for sure. It made me a little sad to have to throw her out, but it was probably better that way, for keeping the peace and for not having to spend more money on catfood.

Today I'm thankful for a pleasant visit with home teachers, getting plenty of Negima translated regardless (thanks to dramatic fight scenes! woohoo!), the adorableness of Natsumi and Kotaro, nice happy episodes of The Middle, and a brief visit from bushy-tailed cat.
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