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Whew, work was tough today. I think I said this before, but Negima can be extra hard, because we'll feel like we're making really good progress, then we'll look up and see that we're on page seven. It's a little disheartening. But then the fighting starts up again, and it goes quicker, so it's alright. But we're still tired. Zzzzz...

Since life is relatively uneventful, and the subject of stories from childhood got brought up on our friends list, I think maybe we'll share one of ours. Actually, this is one that I sort of maybe kind of remember, but was retold by Dad.

One day, he took us all to the zoo. When we were little, Athena and I were terrified of everything, so he had a very difficult time taking us anywhere. We couldn't go to the aerospace museum because of all the planes that might fall from the ceiling in an earthquake, and we couldn't go to the natural science museum because where there's science there's mad scientists, we couldn't go to the beach because there might be a tidal wave, and he had a really hard time getting us to use any kind of elevator until he finally convinced us that hydraulic elevators aren't on cables. But we like animals, so he could take us to the zoo.

But not everywhere in the zoo. Specifically, he couldn't take us into the reptile house, because snakes are deadly poisonous (venomous, if you want to be technical about it). I think Aurora wanted to go into the reptile house, and there was a lot of crying and screaming because we were scared and didn't want to. Or maybe it was just Athena, based on how the story goes, but I'm not sure if he remembered all the details right. But he might have--he certainly remembered it better than we did.

So finally, he convinced us to go to the aviary instead. Thinking about it now, the aviary sounds awesome and I want to go there. It's different than just looking at all the animals in cages--it's a big giant cage where the birds are allowed relative freedom to fly around. And, probably because it was at the zoo and this kind of thing is standard at zoos, it smelled funny. I do seem to remember someone riding on Dad's shoulders (we were about three or four), and somebody walking next to him, holding his hands. The way Dad tells it, Athena commented about the smell. And then I said, "Yeah. Smells like snakes."

And then we couldn't go into the aviary anymore.

Of course we grew out of it, and we even grew to love the reptile house. But poor Dad, he couldn't take us anywhere fun. We think it's because he didn't know how to work the system. We'd say we were afraid such and such would happen, and he just said it wouldn't. He didn't give us any proof it wouldn't happen, so we didn't believe him. And children are usually so gullible, too. Come to think of it, most of our fears revolved around earthquakes, because even if Dad did tell us that the snakes couldn't get past the protective glass normally, what was to prevent an earthquake from breaking the glass and letting them out?

Today I'm thankful for Dad taking us to the zoo when we were kids, learning that reptiles are cool, being done with work for today, getting a ride home from Home Evening Group last night, and not waking up too late this morning.
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