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Oh, carrot sticks!

It's nice to have our schedule back to normal. It was especially nice today, because we finished Deltora Quest early and had extra time to start playing our new used Professor Layton game. ...But other than that nothing exciting has happened.

Oh! But something did happen over the weekend that I didn't talk about, because other stuff was happening and I couldn't fit it in. One of the things about Mickey's Halloween Party this year is that they're being more aggressive with the "healthy" treats (or rather, healthy "treats"). (Another thing about it is that the big costume set this year seemed to be Tweedledee and Tweedledum. We saw approximately eight different sets! I think I mentioned that we've been planning one ourselves, and of course I think ours would be cutest, but now we may never find out, because we have officially lost interest. That's so done. (We might still decide to do it sometime, since none of the other sets looked like identical twins, but you know how we've been about making costumes lately...))

Anyway, they were being more aggressive with the healthy treats. In years past, you had to ask for them, except for the raisins, which they'd just hand out anyway for some odd reason. Also in years past, they had Cheez-its, but not this year. It was all some kind of fruit or vegetable. The freeze-dried apple slices were really good, I would have tried the Craisins, but Gaston took mine off my hands without even mocking me for it, so I figured what the hey, he can have them.

Athena ended up with some carrot sticks. She kept them in her bag, because she figured she might as well try them, but she didn't try them right away. Then they ended up at the bottom of her bag, where they stayed for a couple of days. When we got home, she realized that maybe they ought to be refrigerated, so she pulled them out to check. Sure enough, the package said "keep refrigerated." She thought, "Eh, they don't look disgusting yet," so she left them on top of her bag of candy for the time being.

Enter Oreo. He was out scavenging for food, as usual, which doesn't make any sense because there's usually nothing to find except for, y'know, where Athena feeds him. But he doesn't want to eat what Athena fed him, and that's why he's out scavenging.

The carrots had been giving off a slightly stronger smell than normal, because they hadn't been refrigerated for two days. (They still smelled like carrots and not rot, so we figured they were safe.) Oreo found them and began chewing at the package to get them out. Okay, we actually weren't sure if he wanted the carrots or if he was chewing on the package because he likes chewing on plastic (which he does), but either way, we figured it couldn't hurt to open the package and let him see if he liked the carrots. They do put carrots in fancy healthy catfood, after all.

We were too lazy to make it easy for Oreo, though, so while he loved the smell, he couldn't do a whole lot about it except rub his face on the carrot. It was pretty cute, but we were playing video games, so we couldn't just keep holding the carrot in front of him. So we dropped it on the floor, where he tried valiantly, but failed to chew the thing apart himself. Cat teeth just aren't made for eating carrots. (Especially cat teeth that haven't been taken care of properly...eheh...)

So I took the carrot stick into the kitchen and sliced it up! And in the morning, it was all gone. And we are terribly amused by the fact that Oreo likes carrots. ...Or at least he likes them better than food that he's sick of. Weirdo.

Today I'm thankful for being back on a normal schedule, finishing work early today, getting to play some Professor Layton, Oreo and his carrot fetish, and being caught up with Castle so we can watch the new episode.
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