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Day out

We spent all day at Mom's house! Tadah! Well, not all day. We had church first, which was a little extra interesting, because a certain ex-husband was there. But there's nothing else to say about that, because we didn't talk to him.

Today was Kimee's birthday dinner (her actual birthday was on Wednesday), so we went to Mom's house to help celebrate. It was a very small gathering, but she got a cool present, so I think it's okay. And we played the game where you write a sentence and draw a picture and write a sentence and draw a picture. Somebody needs to come up with a name for that game so I don't have to spend a million years describing it each time. Of course that would only work if the game were popular enough that people would associate the name of it with that game. Sigh. Anyway, one piece of paper started off with "everyone's having a wonderful time at Kimee's birthday party" and ended with a drawing of centaurs coaching Little League, which is why we think it's important for English adaptation writers to check things with the translators.

We also watched So Dear To My Heart, and everyone (by whom I mean Mom and Steve, because everyone else had left by then) liked it, so that was a win. We can never tell if they'll like movies or not, but we had a feeling they'd like this one. That reminds me, we got a free Video On Demand movie from our cable company, so we watched Thor last night! It was awesome. We were planning to watch the DisneyNature film African Cats, but it's not On Demand anymore (or it's categorized oddly so we couldn't find it), so we watched Thor instead. We liked it.

And then when we got home, Page and Oreo dashed outside! They must have been conspiring against us, because Page was the one to jump outside first, and she never does that! Even when Oreo's already out there, she always hangs out uncertainly by the door. Athena tried luring them in with treats, but they didn't even care! What was going on!? The only thing we can figure is they were sick of us being gone all the time, what with Disneyland and being gone all day. Well, we'll be here most of the day tomorrow, so hopefully that will help them feel better.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Thor, having a good time at Kimee's birthday dinner, strawberry cake that tasted like Crunchberries, people liking So Dear To My Heart, and having both kitties safely back inside.
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