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Caught up!

Ha ha! We have finally made up all the hours we lost because of our (sort of) impromptu trip to Disneyland! Woohoo! Next week, we can finally get back to our Kodansha responsibilities.

Of course that means the Disneyland report will have to wait, because all that time working means I want to get away from the computer instead of spending an hour typing about Disneyland (it might not take an hour, but...). It's just as well, because that means there will be more time to get a certain visual aid...aide...aid... Is it spelled with or without an E? Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for finally having made up all our hours, being done with our eight-hour work day (how do people do this regularly?), having the weekend ahead of us, catching a Combee, and being done with that extra hard part.
Tags: disneyland, work

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