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The Silence!! The Silence!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!

I think the biggest problem with being away from the internet for so long is that I keep thinking of all these things I want to post about on LiveJournal, but by the time I actually get a chance to, I forget what most of them were.

Anyway, as far as the reconstruction, things seem to be going pretty well, except that our computer keep beeping at me for unknown reasons, and I think that that beep is the only sound we can play. So now it's eerily quiet. We've got BitTorrent back, Outlook configured... and I think those are the main concerns, aside from fixing our sounds. We'll fix anything else that needs fixing when we find it.

Man, usually we at least have AIM sounds when people sign on and off to break the Silence.

We just spent a long time looking at the Butch Hartman forums, which is actually pretty mind-numbing, despite the total awesomeness. We've always had a hard time with fan communities. We really want to start posting so that Mr. Hartman might notice our existence. David Kaufman posts there too sometimes. So now we just have to work up the courage. But not now, because my mind is numb.

In the meantime, I wanted to repeat some awesome DP quotes, just for the heck of it.

"I call the fun Danny!"
"She died of a broken heart, and old age."
"Great. I'm going through evil puberty."
"I failed that years ago, and I didn't turn out to be a cat!"
"That's not a clue, it's a billboard."
"I said 'flapjacks.' I have pancakes."
"I'll be in my room. Fear me."

Okay, so some of those aren't nearly as funny out of context, but I enjoyed them, and that's really the important thing.
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