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It's like...Tron.

Today was relatively uneventful, except for the big wedding reception in the middle of it. Technically that's a big event, but there was only one of it, so also technically, today was kind of uneventful. The reception was nice. We got to see a lot of people from church that we haven't seen in a while because they're married now. And there were pumpkin cupcakes, which was excellent because they weren't too sweet, and we had way too much sugar yesterday.

Anyway, I think if I don't type up a review of Tron: Legacy today, it may never happen. So here goes.

Let's see...the number one first and foremost comment we have to sum up the whole thing is this: the visuals were Stunning. Like, whoa. This movie is gorgeous. I loved the costumes. I thought Flynn's black coat with the glowing white lining was awesome. Very cool effect.

But the thing with movies that have Stunning Visuals is that...well, they say beauty is only skin deep. Not to say we hated the movie. We both enjoyed it, we both think it was worth watching, but we don't think we'll watch it again for a while. The main setup is the type of thing we tend to love, with the long-lost father and everything. Frankly, I like legacies. The characters were all pretty good, too. We tend to not like tough girls in entertainment, but Cora, who is kind of a tough girl, was alright. It was really cute when she asked Sam about Jules Verne. Oh! And it was super awesome when Flynn said, "Radical, man."

On the other hand, it had similar problems to the first Tron, in that it seemed like the creators had a lot of really good ideas that they liked a lot, so they tried very hard to fit them all in, and as a result, there wasn't enough room to develop any of those ideas, and the story felt confused. I also think the whole Iso thing was a little silly, but I understand wanting to have something that makes Cora special.

The action scenes felt rushed and yet slow. I think the music may have had something to do with it, but thinking back, when the big fights were going on, the music was not very present. Speaking of the music, we agree--it was fantastic. When it was there. On the other hand, the Blu-ray seemed to prioritize music over dialogue, so on the rare occasions when both coexisted, it was a little hard to follow what was going on.

Incidentally, the day after we watched Tron: Legacy, I spoke with our friend who was a fan of the original Tron, and she didn't like Legacy as much. I asked her why, and she said she liked the story better for the first one. I think the story quality was about the same for both (as well as many of the story elements), so we think what it really was is that the original Tron has a nostalgia factor and Legacy doesn't. I also asked her if there was anything Legacy did that had her like, "How dare they do that!" She said she was upset when Tron died, and that brings me to my next point: Tron.

It took us a little longer to figure out the guy was Tron than it may have taken more hardcore Tron fans. Our friend said she knew it was him as soon as he took out the second disc. We were just like, "Well, yeah, when you get to the higher levels, the game is harder." Also, I thought it was the girl, because that seemed like it would have a bigger shock factor. That may also be because I forgot that oh hey, Tron is a character, not just a movie title. (I know they talk all about him in the beginning of the movie, but I don't know. He wasn't in any of the trailers, so I figured he wouldn't show up until closer to the end or something.)

Anyway, the main thing about Tron is, we're all for the, "Oh no, our dear friend is now our enemy!" plot twist, but there has to be a reason for it. Why was Tron evil? Did Clue (I have not spell-checked the character names, and Athena says they said what the name stood for but she couldn't hear it, so we don't remember the letters) reprogram him after beating him in that fight? Athena says they were going to reprogram Cora, so that's probably their explanation of why Tron was evil. I apologize; my ears have been plugged up with wax for months now, and I've been having a difficult time hearing things.

Okay, so now that we've resolved that problem, we were happy that Tron turned good again! Yay! We're pretty sure he's not dead, which is why I was hoping he'd show up and do something cool in the last fight to redeem himself more. I guess he did something in the airplane battle thingie? We have such a hard time following action sequences sometimes. Especially ones with Stunning Visuals.

It's okay. We just pretend Allen was Tron the whole time, and then it's all better.

I think that covers it. And now I've finally reviewed Tron: Legacy! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at the wedding reception, getting to talk to old friends, pumpkin cupcakes, getting to dance the Macarena, and getting a ride to the reception without any difficulty.
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