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I wish to go to the festival♪

Where does the time go? It goes to church activities, apparently! We signed up to help with the quad-stake Halloween festival that happens to be happening, and I was going to say that our ride was going to pick us up any minute, but she picked us up as I was typing that. And because of that, we had almost no time after work to do anything else.

The festival was kind of like...actually it was a lot like the school festivals you read about in manga, only on a much, much smaller scale, and not nearly as well organized. We went early because even though we signed up to help, nobody seemed to really have paid any attention to that signup sheet, but we told the Relief Society president we were planning to go, so she called and asked if we needed a ride, and of course she was helping, and we went and filled up water balloons for our ward RS "booth." They had a water balloon slingshot.

At one point a few people (including RS president's boyfriend) volunteered to be human targets, which is why we didn't think anyone would think we were being especially vicious when Celeste's ex-husband showed up and we discreetly told them it would be awesome if they could "accidentally" throw some water balloons his way. Unfortunately, he was always standing with a bunch of people, so there was a strong possibility that if they'd tried it, they would have hit somebody else instead. Slingshot accuracy was terrible tonight.

Something odd happened, too. We sat down at a table to join some people in their conversation, which was pretty bold of us now that we think about it. But the odd thing was that almost immediately after we sat down, every single other person left. It wasn't malicious--in fact, somebody came along recruiting people to sing happy birthday to someone--but it was kind of...depressing. Fortunately, a few other people came along and we got to have some nice conversations afterward, but man. I wonder if it was a sign or something.

Anyway, we came home and finally had a decent chunk of time in which to play Pokemon...which we squandered by treasure hunting underground instead of hunting Pokemon or leveling up or fighting the gym leader. But Athena did catch two ghost Pokemon anyway!

Today I'm thankful for having a fairly good time at the Halloween festival, having time to play Pokemon, Mom being kind enough to come feed our cats while we go to Disneyland, getting plenty of work done this week, and the tasty salty popcorn they had to counteract the massive amounts of sugar that were also at the festival.
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