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We won!

Today we discovered that even if we hadn't been distracted while working on Deltora Quest two days ago, we still would have had to work on it today. It should not take that long to translate five pages when it normally takes that long to translate fifty. Deltora Quest is a pretty fast read when it's not being an encyclopedia.

That and the overtime on the big project has me not wanting to take the time to review Tron. When will I ever get to it!? I'm too eager to get away from the computer now, though, and rushing it seems like a bad idea. But man, I'm tired of all this busyness. Ah well, it's self-imposed for the most part, so I should just quit grumbling.

Anyway, yesterday I forgot to mention that we won! Woohoo!

Disney Movie Rewards has a bunch of sweepstakes, and when the prizes are interesting, we enter. And then we forget all about them until something reminds us to go check out the homepage again. Or! we get an email telling us we won! Woohoo!

So what did we win this time? We won the Feel Like A Million Sweepstakes that apparently ended in August...? But we didn't get the grand prize. We don't even remember what it is. I think it was a home entertainment system or a trip to Disney World or something. And maybe a million dollars, based on the name. But neither of us remembers Disney being that giving. Anyway, I think we maybe seventh prize? So what did we get?

A sticker! Woohoo!

A printable digital sticker. We haven't seen it yet, because they're going to send it in another email. I hope it's awesome. We also got five reward points.

It was kind of funny, though, because we got the email yesterday morning, and yesterday morning I was grumpy. So we saw the email subject saying we won, and we were like, "We won!? Oooohhhh...!" And then we read the email and it was like, "You won...a sticker!" And we were like, "...great..." And I was kind of bummed out about it. But later I was like, "Hey, come on! You won! That's exciting!" And it is! We're going to print the sticker and stick it everywhere! ...Or we're going to be lazy and keep it on the hard drive until we feel like printing it, which will be...who knows when. But anyway! We won! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for winning!, finally being done working for today, that super adorable episode of America's Next Top Model last night, still having cookie dough to bake at such time as we're not feeling way too busy, and the cute little bobcat on our calendar.
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