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Well, today has not been quite so eventful as yesterday. But Athena did catch a Wurmple and a Cherubi, and it's not even video game time yet!

We actually have been working, too. But when we finished work on the big project, we decided it was more important to figure out our fancy new scanner/fax/printer/copier than to get back to work on Deltora Quest, because we're still way ahead of schedule on it...and a bit slackerish. And it took us over an hour to get everything figured out! We are technologically challenged.

When we finally got to the point of installing drivers on the computer, we ended up installing on the laptop, because our desktop computer can't see CDs anymore. Poor thing. (Unless it can't see them because it refuses, because it hates them so much.) And that was taking a while, so we did start working on Deltora Quest after all, but because we were distracted, we didn't finish, even though the work was really easy. But because we are slackerish, we're calling it a day anyway.

And in the midst of it all, our copy of The Apple Dumpling Gang arrived! Tadah! We saw an ad for it on our That Darn Cat! DVD, and it had us wanting to watch it, so I'm glad it's here now. But first we have to find time to watch Tron: Legacy, and that's going to be practically impossible! We have Institute tonight, I'm going visiting teaching tomorrow, we have Thursday night activity on Thursday, and a quad-stake Halloween festival on Friday! And a wedding reception on Saturday! How do we have something to do every night of the week? I don't like it.

And! the Halloween festival isn't even a costumed event! What's even the point of having a Halloween activity without costumes? We're going to wear costumes anyway, but we have to decide which ones. If we just got some blue wigs, we could go as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Even without the wigs, we had people asking for our picture at the fair on Friday. We wore our Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts to the fair because it's kind of like going to a theme park (going to the fair, I mean), so it seemed appropriate.

Anyway...that's all. Today I'm thankful for getting our fancy scanner/fax/printer/copier to work, having a computer that still reads CDs, catching Wurmple and Cherubi, getting our Apple Dumpling Gang DVD, and finally getting our paperwork sent in.
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