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Fire hazards

Today has been a day of carrying stuff inside and leaving it by the front door to be a fire hazard.

It started with a package. We got a phone call from the office sometime around Friday to tell us we had a package, but we were too busy and/or too lazy to go get it until this morning. When we got it, we found out it was delivered like two weeks ago! What the heck, delivery people? Can't you leave a note?

But anyway, the package contained three pieces of a beautiful set of fine china--a bread plate, a salad plate, and a dinner plate. It's part of a collection (obviously). You know how we're collecting those Classic Composers CDs? Well, because of that, we're "preferred customers" with the people who distribute them, so we got a special offer on the china. It was so special, that I was like, "Well, it couldn't hurt to at least get the first set." And it's soooooooo pretty! But we never even eat dinner at the table, let alone use fancy place settings. But now that we've seen them, we want to collect them! We'll probably end up deciding against it after all, but it's a lovely dream.

So the package was sitting on the living room floor, being a fire hazard, while we went to the store. At the store, we got a fancy new Friends of fresh&easy card! We get to collect points now! I always liked the idea of collecting points, but because we don't get out, like, ever, we don't get much opportunity. (Well, that and we can't afford to order from CD Japan.) But with fresh&easy, we'll definitely get points, because we go there all the time! Woohoo! And they have point coupons to help you collect more points, which are extra awesome because instead of clipping them and carrying then around, you go to the website and load them directly onto your card! And to top it all off, signing up got us a free t-shirt. Awesome.

We bought laundry detergent and other stuff, but because of the laundry detergent and milk, we were both too tired to put away any of the groceries (except the milk, of course), and they all joined the fine china in being a fire hazard.

Finally! we go back to the real reason we were motivated enough to go to the office and pick up our package: we needed to use a fax machine. But! because we are terrible at faxing things, the faxing didn't work. This is not the first time we've needed to either fax or scan paperwork, and we highly doubt that it will be the last, so we decided it was finally time to suck it up and get another scanner. We have a scanner, but it doesn't have a cable, and those are like $30, so we figured it would be more economical to just get another scanner. Though now I feel kind of bad for the old scanner. Anyway, it turned out to be more economical to get not just a scanner, but a scanner/printer/fax/...something else we think. So that's just what we got!

And now it's in the living room, being the biggest fire hazard of them all. Maybe we'll see if we can figure out how to work it tonight. Or maybe we'll be lazy and wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, it's almost time for Home Evening Group, and we have some rumors to look into.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to take us to Best Buy to get a scanner, beautiful fine china, getting to watch That Darn Cat! last night (great movie for cat lovers! (and probably still good for cat haters, too! (I get the feeling Walt Disney was a dog person))), shiny new grocery store membership cards, and having a fancy new scanner +alpha.
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