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On the way home from church, we were talking to our choir buddy (who is also the new Relief Society president) about Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. She and her boyfriend (who happens to be the choir director) went last Friday, so she showed us pictures of their costumes (they went as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World). So of course we had to tell her about when we went in the past, and then we got her email address so we could be all show-off-y and send her links to the reports and pictures. But before we sent the links, we read through them again, and they made us all happy and nostalgic. ...We should post the pictures from our last trip. ...I have to get them off the camera first.

Aaaanyway. At the fair yesterday, we had some interesting thoughts. First, we were thinking about the whole "twin identification" thing. See, last Tuesday, we went to Institute, and as we walked in, the teacher asked is there was some way for non-family members to tell us apart. We were kind of tired and out of it for some reason, so we were like, "Nnngh, I dunno..." But Athena had the presence of mind to at least point out that Athena has a red jacket and I have a black jacket. This is actually a pretty easy and solid way to tell us apart, but people don't catch on to it, and here's why:

After Athena told her that, the teacher said, "And next week you'll be wearing the opposite colors." Her theory was completely false, because we're at least as possessive as singletons, and if we each have our own perfectly good jacket to wear, why would we take our sister's? Well, maybe if we were more fashion conscious and wanted to match the jacket to what we were wearing, but...let's face it, we're just not. Anyway, we told the teacher no, we don't trade clothes. The girl sitting next to us, who is our friend and our ride to Institute was heard to say (if Athena was hearing correctly), "That's good to know." We were mildly appalled that she hadn't realized that before, but it's possible she didn't say that and Athena was just imagining it because she was in a bad mood, and anyway, of course she couldn't be expected to know that we don't trade clothes if we'd never told her before.

The point is this: everybody thinks that, as twins, we trade clothes all the time. I don't know if it's because they realize that twins like to mess with people's heads, or if they think they would trade clothes with their twin all the time if they had one. I have heard rumors of girlfriends sharing clothes and stuff...but I've also heard complaints of people taking clothes without permission. Either way, we get around that by just buying two of whatever we like. But we also get asked all the time (all the time) if we ever do things to confuse people. The answer is not really--we just don't care enough, and even if we wanted to, we wouldn't need to put any effort into it. One year, we were too poor or too busy or something to make Halloween costumes, so we went as each other. Nobody noticed.

But the point is, because we get asked that all the time, we think it's fair to assume that that's a common assumption about twins--that they use their inherent confusingness to confuse others. Is this from some singleton fantasy of having a twin to do all the hard work for them? There was an episode of Suite Life on Deck about that. It was pretty funny.

Now the other thing we've noticed is, despite assuming that we're constantly going to be switching wardrobes, everyone also takes our word for it when we wear nametags. Let's think about this. If we really wanted to confuse people so they don't know who's who, what is the one thing that would do the job effectively?

So our theory, based completely on conjecture and never having asked anyone if these might be their thoughts on the matter, is that singletons, when thinking about twins, think two things. One, if they had a twin, they think it would be super fun to mess with people's heads and switch places all the time. Two, they don't like it when people call them the wrong name, so they would never wear a wrong nametag. Ergo, twins will switch everything but nametags. If this is the case, it's probably just a matter of thinking about things, but not long enough to put the pieces together. Fortunately for them, we don't switch clothes or nametags, but we might switch nametags for Halloween again and see what happens. I'm guessing nobody will notice.

The reason we were thinking about it is that there was a booth at the fair that sold dogtags that they would engrave with your name and a picture. We thought about getting one for each of us, but we didn't have time to think long before our group moved on. It was tough, though, because while I kind of like the idea of personalized merchandise, it kind of drives me crazy that people are actually intimidated by the mere fact that we don't have nametags. And sure, I may be reading too much into it, but it's hard when we get into "woe is me I have no friends" mode. Ah well.

The adventure known as life continues.

Today I'm thankful for getting caught up on Star Driver, Oreo giving me my chair back, fun Halloween reports, promises of chocolate in our future, and visiting teachers who work at a bakery.
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