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Back from the fair

We're back from the fair! Tadah! I...feel like I had stuff to say about it, but we're pretty tired, so it's hard to remember right now. Let's see...we watched two and a half Mutton Busting shows, and we watched the Alaskan pig races, which made me a little sad because the audience was so serious most of the time. Is it just that people don't get pig humor these days? Truffle prospecting! It's funny! ...Or maybe it's completely unfunny out of context. The MC was introducing all the pigs, and he said one of them used to be a truffle prospector in the Yukon. 'Cause they're all from Alaska. Get it?

Anyway, there was one really cute bit where they said one of the pigs was totally talking smack back stage, so all the other pigs wanted to see him put up or shut up (I think that's the phrase the MC used), so they set up this really high hurdle for Soapy Smith to jump over. And he ran all the way around the track...and found a door in the hurdle so he didn't have to jump it. Apparently he was named after a con man, and with good reason.

And we each got a pretty bracelet made with jade...and we went to the gem & mineral exhibit and saw all the shiny rocks! They were selling geodes, too. You pick one out and they saw it in half right there in front of you! They called them "nature's treasure chest." They were really inexpensive, too, so we totally would have gotten one or two if Mom and Steve weren't outside waiting. We should have gotten a bag of rocks, though. The pouches they came in alone were worth at least the $1 they were charging, and the rocks were all really pretty. It's probably for the best that we didn't, though--what are we gonna do with a bag of rocks?

And now we're back and tired. We have a nasty habit of never eating when we go out on these things. Our groups always seem to be in such a hurry that we don't want to hold them up while we look for something our overly delicate palates can handle. We've eaten since we got back, of course, but we're still tired. We got up early. We need to stop getting up early on Saturdays. We're totally sleeping in on Monday.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the fair, getting pretty jade bracelets, getting to see the mutton busting and the pig races, having kitties that missed us, and yummy shaved ice.
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