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Stuff we're not doing

It never fails. We finally get our schedule under control to a point where we can decide to make ourselves do chores every Saturday, and our Saturdays disappear! Poof! So we decided to blow off Deltora Quest today and do chores instead. We love Deltora Quest, but we've already finished our first draft except for the bonus pages, and it's not due until our self-imposed deadline of the last day of the month. And now we have shiny floors! Woohoo!

So what has spirited away our Saturday this week? Well, actually we might be home tomorrow after all, but! ideally we'll be going to the fair! Woohoo! We have money this time, so we can buy shiny things! But we might not go to the fair, because of Scheduling Issues. Mom says she'll keep us posted.

In the meantime...we're probably not going to watch Tron tonight. We were going to, and I was kind of looking forward to the neon lights show, but since we got it for free, I'm treating it like a review copy, and if we go to the fair tomorrow, we might not have time or energy to give it a proper review. So this post ends up being about all the stuff we're NOT doing. Ah well.

What else aren't we doing? We're not going to fight the gym leader in Pokemon because Budew isn't at a high enough level yet. Our Pokemon mentor gave us some training tips way back when, and we're not sure if those rules still apply, but we're going ahead and assuming they do, and that means taking forever to raise Pokemon levels. Sigh.

Fortunately! last night there was a bunch of fun stuff to watch on Disney XD. They just started this new show (Mr. Young) that must have been inspired by Negima!, because it's about a kid who teaches high school. He's not a wizard in the magical sense, but he is a science wizard! And he uses science to do...pretty much the same stuff Negi tries to do when they're not on big quests, and, like Negi, he fails. It's a pretty funny show, too, so. So we had that on while we went fishing for Magikarp.

Well, I guess it's time to stop not doing stuff and go do stuff.

Today I'm thankful for getting invited to go to the fair, having shiny floors, having a flexible enough schedule that it shouldn't be a problem to have called it a day early, the adorable little fox on our calendar for October, and entertaining shows to watch while we fish for Magikarp.
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