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Backwards again

I had every intention (well, almost every intention) of writing up a post yesterday, but LJ was down at our normal posting time. Then we were distracted with Pokemon on TV, and when we got back to the computer, LJ was going slow and we didn't want to deal with it. So we went to bed instead.

Then today turned into another backwards day! We didn't mean for it to. It's just that, with the weather getting colder, we're having a harder time getting our computer to start up. So I was experimenting, and my experiment failed. That being the case, it took me about an hour and a half to get the computer running. In the meantime, Athena leveled up her Budew and Abra, because Roark totally destroyed us last night (like three times), and we wanted some Pokemon that could actually do some damage against rock types. That's what we get for starting with a fire Pokemon. But he's a monkey! And we saw pictures that led us to believe he evolves into the monkey king! So we had to get one and name him Goku. But he has a serious nature, and we're not sure what's up with that, but he is like the Saiyuki Goku in that he'll happily eat anything.

We also have to get a Golduck and name it Gojyo. There are a couple of pig Pokemon to name Hakkai, but we're not sure which ones show up in Pearl.

Anyway. Pretty much life is just work and Pokemon these days. The weather is kind of El Nino-ish, which always brings back memories, so with the weather and Pokemon and everyone talking about Sailor Moon and Sailor V, these last few days have been very nostalgic. Now all we need is a trip to Disneyland!

Today I'm thankful for finally catching a Budew, yummy chocolate desserts that last and last, the computer finally starting up today, having something to do to make the lack of computer start-up much less stressful, and the lovely weather outside.
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