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Yad sdrawkcab s'ti!

Today was backwards day! Hadat! (I hope that's not a dirty word in some other language...)

Anyway, Pokemon is dangerous, because there are some Pokemon that only come out in the morning, so instead of starting our day with work and getting it out of the way, we started our day with play. And what did we get for it? Nothing! A big fat piece of nothing! ...Okay, so we leveled up some Pokemon. But we didn't find any morning-only Pokemon! Oh well. We'll just have to try again on a Saturday or something. Athena is considering waking up at six one Saturday, hunting for morning-only Pokemon, and then going back to sleep for another three hours.

Normally we work on our big project first, to make sure we get all our hours, and then work on our little projects. But today, our schedule was already kind of messed up (because we actually started our day with sleep, making it even more backwards), so for the sake of our eating schedule, we worked on our little project first! I think it's probably okay to say what it is, even though the first volume we translated doesn't come out until next month.

It's Deltora Quest! Hadat! We had seen the anime way back when we were still low-down dirty pirates, and even though the anime kind of dragged, we kept watching it anyway. We had a strange affinity for it. So when our boss at Kodansha asked if we wanted to translate it, we happily agreed! We thought, "Now we can finally know how it ends!" because we gave up our life of piracy some episodes before the anime was over.

The series is based on a series of novels by Emily Rodda, so to help us get everything right, we ordered the books from Barnes & Noble! It's a good thing we did, too, because there are all kinds of things that would have tripped us up if we didn't. The books are really good, too! They're a pretty easy read, but they're fun, and we like all the characters and the themes in it and stuff. We recommend them highly! (Oh right, I guess I should say something about what it's about. It's a fantasy quest story about a Boy who sets out to save the kingdom of Deltora from the Shadow Lord. He is joined by two Companions who help him face various Trials and Hardships.)

As for the manga, the manga artist took a some liberties in the adaptation, adding some battle scenes and stuff. I would say it's kind of like watching a movie that's based on a book. It's nice to have the visuals, and it's good in its own right, but, as always, the original is better.

And then we worked on our big project, and now here we are! Hadat!

Today I'm thankful for getting everything done despite sabotaging our own schedule, still having time for recreation, once again being surrounded by adorable kitties, not having to use the air conditioning today, and it seeming like a good day to finish our wonderful Cheesecake Factory desserts.
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