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Well, except for a few minor things that I need to just get over, life is good again today. The Disney Movie Club emailed and said they're sorry for the mix-up, they'll send us The Apple Dumpling Gang right away, and we can keep Tron: Legacy free of charge to make up for the inconvenience. But it's not like we were itching to watch The Apple Dumpling Gang, so really it's more inconvenient for them than anyone else (though it's true sometimes I feel exceedingly irked when I have to write emails that I think shouldn't have been necessary--in this case, I didn't mind so much). Anyway, we're happy for the free movie, but I think as a kind of thank you, we'll have to give Tron: Legacy a thorough review after we get around to watching it. That probably won't happen until Friday at the soonest, what with the new Pokemon game and all.

On the other hand! it's looking like we're going to have more free time than we had expected, which is a Very Good Thing. We emailed our boss at Kodansha to find out our next assignments, and were informed that we have until Christmas to finish two books. Even with this other project we're working on, I think we can handle that! So we're taking it easy today, I think we're going to sleep in tomorrow, and then the plan is to get these books turned in early. The next Negima! omnibus is not on the list, but since we don't know when it is going to show up, we want to make sure to have plenty of time when it does.

Other than that...well, Mom went to pick up the new kitten from the vet today, but there's nothing else to report on that matter, because he was still at the vet when I talked to Mom. And we have some reading to do before Home Evening Group (the location of which has been an address that has not yet been disclosed...), so off we go!

Today I'm thankful for getting to keep Tron: Legacy, still getting our copy of The Apple Dumpling Gang, having some breathing room, having time to play Pokemon today, and making it home from Mom's house yesterday with some time to read before bed.
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