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The adventures continue!

The eventfulness continued all through yesterday!

It started when we opened up our package from the Disney Movie Club. We didn't expect that to be much of an event, really. Normally it's just open the package, say "Yup, these are our new DVDs," and get back to whatever we were doing. (We don't tend to immediately open our new toys...unless they're a video game, and then it depends on what time of day it was when we bought it/received it. If it came in the mail, it's going to wait.) But this time was different!

We were each sitting on a different couch in the living room, and Athena had the package. The way the Disney Movie Club packages things, it's actually a lot easier to leave everything in the packaging instead of pulling it all out, so I didn't really see what was happening. I just saw Athena open the package and look inside, and then I heard her say, "...That's not right." Most of the order was right, though. It was just that one out of the four DVDs we ordered got switched with a Tron: Legacy Blu-ray.

We found the whole thing to be highly amusing, and of course had to come up with scenarios for why it happened. Of course, the logical one would be that it was an honest mistake, but it does seem odd that they'd be keeping the Tron: Legacy Blu-rays close enough to the Apple Dumpling Gang DVDs that there would have been a mix-up. On the other hand, we don't know how the mix-ups happen. We also know that Disney Movie Club has accused us of buying things like The Jungle Book II and Return to Neverland. But at least in those cases, they charged us for it, so we weren't stealing from them. And the invoice still said Apple Dumpling Gang.

The interesting thing about that is that we bought all these DVDs on sale--buy one DVD at regular price, get the rest for 60% off. The Apple Dumpling Gang was the movie we got at full price. So the fact that they specifically switched that one out (and it wasn't even the first one on the list) indicates that whoever did it, did it intentionally. So is it someone who saw us ordering all these old-school live-action Disney movies and thought we needed something more cool in our lives? ("You'll thank me for it later," this person must have thought.) Or were they just trying to get rid of all these Tron: Legacy Blu-rays that nobody was buying? ("Eh, if they're ordering all these old-school movies, they're probably old and senile. They'll just order Apple Dumpling Gang again.") Or maybe it was somebody who really loved Tron: Legacy and wanted to share the joy, and if nobody was going to take the chance and buy it, they would make it happen anyway! Or something. All we know is that most of the comments we've heard about Tron: Legacy were either unfavorable, or, "...It was really pretty..." or "The soundtrack was incredible!"

Well, we'll see how the club responds to our question about it (we don't mind keeping it, but we figure we ought to at least pay the difference between that and the Apple Dumpling Gang), and then I guess we'll find out for ourselves.

After we amused ourselves speculating about Disney movie switcheroos, we got a phone call from Mom, letting us know what was going on with dessert and cats. (The cats were not part of the dessert, I assure you.) See, they took the new little kitten to the vet to get him neutered. Mom called him little Mojo once, so I wondered if that was his name, but that wasn't confirmed until later, when they told us his full name is Mojo Jojo, and that made us sad. We never really liked the Powerpuff Girls, and we thought Mordred would be a nice way to remember Mimsy.

Anyway, they took Mordred to the vet. (It's our journal; we can call him whatever we want. We'll just say it's a code name.) The vet said they couldn't neuter him until he was five months old, but they would screen him for FIV. And he tested positive! ...Sorry, I was being fake excited, because the vet, we're told, was a man, and almost every male veterinarian we've dealt with has had this thing for assuring you your cat has no hope. Sexist, I know. But the point is, the vet was all doom and gloom. They found FIV antibodies inside the cat, so if they took him to a shelter, the shelter would put him down immediately, and if they kept him, he'd only live five to eight years, and they'd have to keep him completely separate from Storm the entire time.

Of course, this is all assuming that the antibodies were actually because he had the disease, and not because he was drinking milk from a mother cat who had FIV. The vet offered to screen him again in six weeks.

Instead, Mom took him to the neighbors, who had already found a no-kill shelter for the other kittens. The no-kill shelter, as it turns out, is willing to neuter a cat at any age, and once a cat is fixed, odds of spreading FIV to other cats go down exponentially. ...Come to think of it, couldn't they just vaccinate Storm?

So anyway, Kimee has been warned that the cat may not live long, and if he does have FIV, he'll probably die while she's away at college. In the meantime, they're going to keep him and hope for the best as far as Storm's concerned.

After a lot more time than we expected, it was finally time to go out to dessert with everybody. Ideally this time was to be used to eat dinner, but since we had no way of knowing what time people were going to show up, we thought, "Eh, we can eat real food when we get back," and ended up being woefully unprepared to finish the amazing desserts we ordered. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. Athena got the truffle cake, and I got the brownie sundae, and they were amazing, but I feel like neither of us ate more than two bites before the sweetness was too much to handle. This is not true of course, but it certainly seems like it was the case. Anyway, I ate all the ice cream so the brownies (the amazingly delicious brownies) could be boxed up and taken home, and we got Athena's cake boxed up, and now they're waiting in the fridge until such time as we've eaten enough savory food to be able to eat sugar again.

The important thing happened after dessert. Everybody was finishing up, and Celeste said, "I was going to suggest doing something if we finished in time, but I forgot what it was." We suggested it was going to PetSmart to look at chinchillas, because Mom had been tempting her into buying a pet, and they think she might get away with having a chinchilla and not having to pay the pet deposit. Also, chinchillas are nocturnal, so it would be asleep and not mind when she's away at work. But since the cage and everything would cost enough to negate the benefit of not paying a pet deposit, Celeste decided PetSmart would only make her sad, and we opted against it.

Instead, Athena suggested Game Stop. All the way to the Cheesecake Factory, Mom had been talking about Pokemon. (When Aurora was visiting, she lent Mom Pokemon Diamond to play, and of course now Mom's hooked.) All the talk of Pokemon had Athena nostalgic for old times, playing Pokemon SIlver and whatnot. So when we were trying to come up with something to do after dessert, Athena suggested we go to Game Stop and everybody gets a Pokemon game. Well, Sarah took her baby and went home, but the rest of us went to Game Stop! We ended up boring Kimee terribly (another thing that made us sad--how can you be bored in a video game store? surely there must be something of interest!), but the rest of us had a great time. Mom found a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver with a Poke-walker, and that was what she wanted, because she could take a walk and level up her Pokemon without having to go through all those tedious battles. Celeste liked that idea, too, so she got Heart Gold, but she got it used, so she'll have to find a walker on eBay or something. And Athena got Pokemon Pearl.

We also enjoyed more great customer service from the Game Stop employees, who were very friendly and helpful. And one of them told the story of this mom whose daughter would not stop lying, and they tried everything to get her to stop, but she just wouldn't. So one day, she told her daughter to invite her two best friends and they were going to Disneyland. The little girl was so excited! And then the mom took them to the grocery store and said, "Okay, we're here." (She had explained to the other girls' parents and the other girls what was going to happen, so they weren't too upset.) And the girl was devastated! And the mom said, "It's not nice to be lied to, is it?" And then she promised the little girl that if she could go for a whole week without telling a single lie, then she really would get to go to Disneyland, and so that's what she did! Tadah!

But anyway, now we have a new used Pokemon game, and no time whatsoever to play it with. Ah well, we'll figure it out. We also got the second Professor Layton game. The problem with Professor Layton is that the games aren't numbered, so it's hard to tell what order to buy them in unless you've looked it up ahead of time, and since this was a spontaneous shopping trip, we hadn't. But with one of the employees' help and the process of elimination, we got it right! Tadah!

And then we watched more General Conference today, and it was really good, but there was one talk addressed to fathers that brought up a lot of painful thoughts we tend to keep hidden in the backs of our minds because there's nothing we can do to fix them and all they do is make us cry. So we were actually really depressed most of the day, but remembering the fun stuff from yesterday helped cheer us up.

Today I'm thankful for another great General Conference Sunday, getting to try some amazing desserts from the Cheesecake Factory, amusing Disney movie switcheroos, having a new used old Pokemon game, and cheerful distracting memories.
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