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Kittens. They're irresistible.

Today has been so eventful! And most of the events were done before one o'clock! But there are more to come! Whew.

The day started off with the first session of the 181st Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was going to link to the first two sessions, but apparently they're not on the web yet. But! when I went to get the not-ready link, I found out that there's a text version of the talk by President Uchtdorf that we mentioned last week! So here it is! I should probably point out that that talk is addressed to the women of the church (it still applies to everyone--that's just to provide some context). President Uchtdorf is such an amazing speaker. He gave another awesome talk this morning, but I can't link to it yet, as previously explained. The gist of it is that we may feel tiny and insignificant and like we mean nothing, but each one of us means everything to God. It was very encouraging.

Now let's use some cuts, so people don't have to read this whole long entry all at once (unless they want to).

So while we were enjoying the awesome Saturday morning session of Conference, we got a phone call from Gaston, asking about Halloween at Disneyland! He's going to the park with his brother's family, and I guess that reminded him that he really does like going to Mickey's Halloween Party, to dress up and see the fireworks. We had sort of vague plans to maybe go with Donald, but the last time we talked to him, we went away with the impression that he's not really willing to compromise his plans, which can be a good thing, but in this case, it means going on a Friday. Going on a Friday means paying more money to have less fun. Or at least, that's what it meant last year, because the crowds made it a little harder to enjoy, especially because we had a few more people with us who were more interested in rides and less interested in waiting in line. That being the case, we were like, "Fine, Donald. If you insist on going on Friday, you can go without us, and we'll make our own plans."

Then Gaston called. The only downside to going with Gaston is that we'll probably end up wearing the same costumes, but it also means if we don't have time to make new costumes, our old ones will make a lot more sense. Plus, if we reeeeeally want to wear different costumes, Gaston's wife has a Belle costume specifically so the two of them can be Beauty and the Beast characters and still have it make sense without the other two Silly Girls. Anyway, nothing's decided for sure yet, but there's definite potential for fun.

When the session ended, we went to the grocery store. The significance of this, other than our being able to eat for another couple of weeks, is that we discussed the new cat at Mom's house. We should have realized that if there were kittens in the neighborhood, there would be no way that Mom would not end up with one in her possession. Plus, Steve's kids and Celeste are visiting for the weekend, and we imagine their combined forces overcame Mom's defenses. On the way home from the grocery store, we learned that the new cat is to be "Kimee's cat." Come to think of it, her birthday is this month.

But the fun part of all this is that we got to discuss a name for the little guy. Now, remember Mom's last cat is named Rogue. That name came about because Mom inherited Celeste's cat, Storm. So when Mom picked up another cat, because Rogue looks like a little rogue, Celeste suggested the name Rogue and it stuck (it was after that they all noticed she had white paws, like she was wearing gloves). It especially fit because the other little critter hanging around Mom's house (Sarah's baby) was named after Wolverine (not on purpose, I guess I should point out).

So in keeping with the X-Men tradition, the obvious choice was Nightcrawler. But for some reason, Steve didn't want to keep with the tradition anymore, and wanted to name the new cat Smooky, for Scott's mispronunciation of the word "spooky" when he was little. Everybody in the car, except for potentially Kimee, thought that was a terrible idea, but it was pointed out that since it was Kimee's cat, the choice was up to her. Athena also suggested, as a compromise, Kurt Smooky Wagner [Mom's last name], and that way everybody could call him whatever they wanted. But Mom said that's too many names.

So of course we all turned to Kimee, because it's her cat and her decision. She said she would just go with the majority, because she didn't want anybody mad at her. This makes me sad, because she's a growing girl and needs to learn to develop her own identity, instead of learning to blend in with the crowd. It always makes us sad when we see people's opinions dictated by their peers instead of their own personal preferences. Of course, we may be a little bitter from our numerous experiences where people would say, "I'll just let you decide," knowing full well what we would decide, and then getting mad at us for deciding wrong. It's like, "Okay, obviously you have an opinion! Make it known so we can come up with the best compromise."

We told Kimee that she needed to choose for herself--to act, and not be acted upon! (That's one of Elder Bednar's favorite phrases; he spoke in the afternoon session of Conference.) So she said she would, but after that her opinion still matched everyone else's, so we're not sure if she really meant it. But anyway!

After that we learned he was a black cat, and somebody said he was going to be a long-hair, but he's so young it's hard to tell yet. So Athena said, "In that case, I have to suggest Mordred, in the tradition of naming long-haired black cats after enemies of King Arthur." (Mimsy is short for Mad Madam Mim.) Mom and Celeste and Athena and I all loved that idea, especially because Mordred is a pretty cool name anyway, but Kimee had no idea who that is. So maybe they explained that to her and the cat's been named Mordred, but neither of us would be surprised if when we finally meet him everyone's calling him Smooky.

And that's the long, unresolved tale of naming Mom's new cat. We may find out more when we join everyone for dessert tonight.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go grocery shopping, fun discussions about cat names, finally beating Final Fantasy XIII!, Deluxe Grahams being on sale, and another wonderful Saturday of General Conference.
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