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Life is good

Ah, life is good. We've gotten word of payments! It's not as good as actually getting payments, but it gives us hope for the future. Also, we got complimented on our translations (though we're never sure we can trust that stuff--we're terrible at receiving compliments, because we hate flattery so much) and we passed a translation test! Woohoo! I think we may finally have rebuilt the confidence that was destroyed last year. Hopefully that doesn't mean we're in for some more confidence loss soon...

We called Mom today to talk about various things, like our plans for General Conference weekend. (That's this weekend!) We're supposed to always go out for dessert, but Mom keeps forgetting! So we reminded her, and now we have plans again. Our theory about why she forgets is that every time we do this, everybody forgets to eat first, so they're all like, "Can I have real food?" and then Mom ends up paying for dinner and dessert, and everyone is so full that most of the dessert gets wasted...or the more persistent of the group end up feeling sick. So this time, we're going to try reminding everyone to eat their real food first.

But anyway! she asked us if we wanted a kitten. We love kittens! But we can't have one, because we already have two kitties, and they're being enough of a handful. Apparently somebody dumped a bunch of kittens in Mom's neighborhood, so there are a bunch of kittens up for adoption. We're guessing that "somebody" was a cat. Maybe it was Rogue, and that's why she went missing! ...But she might have been too young for that. At any rate, she's still missing, which is the worst part of this whole thing, especially because it means Mom doesn't want to adopt one of the kittens because she just lost two cats in less than a year. But...kitties!

Oh well. I'm sure they'll all find wonderful homes. People like to adopt them when they're young.

Today I'm thankful for rumors of payment, passing a translation test, General Conference this weekend!, plans to go out to dessert with people, and kittens.
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