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We're back and better than ever!! what I wanted to say, but I think we're quite a bit worse for wear.

Even I don't know all the details, because really, they're not all that important. The main thing is, we had to get our harddrive reformatted. Everything is gone.

This actually isn't as big a problem as it sounds, since most of the really important stuff can probably be retrieved. I hope. All our pictures, mp3s, wallpapers, anime, etc., however, didn't make it. And I'm pretty sure there's no chance of retrieving any translations sent to TokyoPop before we signed up for a gmail account. That's not really a problem, though, because we read all our manga in Japanese. And if we want to check for flashback consistency, all we have to do is ask our boss to send us the English copies of the books.

Still, wow. That's like five years of stuff. Everything we had been saving from before the posse died is gone. Except for the stuff that made it to the webpage. Still, there was some pretty funny stuff that got lost. All our sounds are gone. Fortunately, we can get the Saiyuki ones from Bad Friends. We're going to have to re-translate track four of Captain Animate and volume 11 of DN Angel, but the Captain Animate track was short, and DN Angel is happy.

Really, it's just more a shock than anything else. The most annoying part is we have to figure out everything we did to get our settings the way we like them, which could take a while. On the bright side, there's plenty of room for future anime downloads.

And of course the episode of Danny Phantom today had ghosts acting like computer viruses. Ah well. Danny Phantom makes everything better anyway.
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