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We don't have any official assignments from Kodansha right now, so we're planning ahead and working on the next Negima! omnibus. And we thought the pre-festival preparations were bad. This is a scary volume. ...Or at least the first ten pages are. Athena just opened to a random page later on, though, and it doesn't look any less scary.

Anyway, there's not much of interest going on right now, so I went to check the writer's block question, and it's about what websites we're always surfing other than LJ. The answer to that question is...well, there's Yahoo! Japan, which we always have open for its free dictionary. I remember somewhere (probably on the grumpy translator's blog) somebody was talking about how lamentable it is that all these upstart translators think they can get away with using free dictionaries, which are so vastly inferior to ones that cost hundreds of dollars and can't be afforded on a manga translator's salary.

I'm really not sure there's much difference, but that's only because we haven't ever used a non-free dictionary. ...Actually, that's not true. We have two dictionaries that we bought at the bookstore, and neither of them is actually very good (because we bought them with a high school student's allowance). They served their purposes, though, and for that, we are grateful. Athena says she had to use our kanji guide to look up kyuukyoku back when she was reading Sailor Moon, and that's how she will always remember that kyuukyoku means ultimate. But the point is, it wasn't in any of our dictionary dictionaries. Just the kanji guide.

We also go to Wikipedia a lot. Wikipedia is one of our best friends. Today we learned that John Smith may or may not have been exaggerating when he told the story of how he was rescued by Pocahontas.

Other than that, there are the blogs we check every day, and a few sites we check occasionally, like the Hakusensha homepage and the Japanese Square Enix homepage. Oh! and at the Hakusensha homepage, we somehow found ourselves at the LaLa...anniversary? or something? (too lazy to check) website! And it has a Gakuen Babysitters personality quiz! We took it and got Hayato! And the description was spot on! Wow! I wonder what other characters you can get.

Today I'm thankful for neat Gakuen Babysitters personality quizzes, having a spare bag of peanut butter pretzels, the two Japanese-English dictionaries that started us on our Japanese-learning journey, free Japanese-English dictionaries (we haven't been completely fired yet), and getting a bit of a head start on the next Negima! omnibus.
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