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Since people are asking, I should probably mention that Rogue (Mom's cat--did I mention her name before?) is still missing. We're all hoping somebody took her home, because that most likely means she's okay, unless she was taken by somebody who hates cats enough to do terrible things to them. But! Rogue is one of the cutest kitties ever (still a kitten, even), and she doesn't have a collar, so it makes sense that somebody would see her and want to take her home. Of course, we will let everybody know when we find out what happened to her.

As for why we're posting so late today...well, actually, there were vague plans to go to San Jose to see the Winchester Mystery House, because when Steve drove Aurora up here, he said it was nearby, and she got really excited to see it. But then Mom told her that San Jose is actually three hours away, not two, and that plus Mom being sick and Aurora having an allergy attack meant that they were way too tired to drive all that way. So instead, because none of us remembered there's a zoo here (we were all zoo geeks when we were kids), Mom and Aurora stayed home and relaxed, and we stayed home and got our work done.

We were just about done with work for the day at the time we expected Mom and Aurora to come pick us up for dinner, which is why we didn't update LJ. But it turned out they came a little late, so we would have had time then, instead of staying up late, like we're doing now. But that's okay, because despite the stressful dinner (because we were at a...we'll use Aurora's word and call it Pan-Asian buffet, which is stressful for us because it feels awkward to be at an eating establishment where you have no intention of really eating anything), we had a pretty good time hanging out with all our sisters at Mom's house afterward.

Celeste and Sarah say the zoo is so tiny that there should be time to go there tomorrow before Aurora leaves, so that may or may not happen, but in the meantime, it's time for bed.

Today I'm thankful for not having to make up lost work hours, making good progress on Ace Attorney, having another fun evening with family (we played the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game...or whatever it's called), not having to treat my own severed limb, and yummy Belgian chocolate.
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