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Tarzan: still good

Another of Mom's cats has gone missing, so we'd appreciate any prayers you might send her way!

As for us, we started work on Ace Attorney and got annoyed with this case for being so talky. Rar. Or I guess today that would be Yar.

Anyway, we watched Tarzan last night and I discovered (again, come to think of it) that it actually was not directed by the same team as the Lion King. I have no idea why I thought it was. And for the longest time, I thought Glen Keane animated Simba. Where do I get these strange ideas?

Regardless, we think we may have figured out why we like Tarzan so much better than we like The Lion King. The nice way to put it is that The Lion King seems to be more story driven, while Tarzan seems to be more character driven. The not so nice way to put it is that we think the characters in the Lion King are lacking in personality. But I wonder if this is just an odd perception of ours, so if anybody out there thinks the Lion King characters do have personality, please enlighten us! (But don't try it with Scar or Rafiki, because those guys definitely have some personality.)

Another reason we prefer Tarzan, I think, is the music. I'm kind of afraid to admit that, though, because we know a guy who refuses to watch Tarzan because he hates Phil Collins. Is there a reason other than musical taste? I don't know! All I know is that I really like the songs in Tarzan. One of our friends in college sent us an mp3 of the Japanese recording of You'll Be In My Heart performed by V6, and it was amazing. One of these days, maybe we'll get ourselves a copy of the Japanese soundtrack.

Also, I wanted to say that Tarzan is definitely one of the cutest Disney babies in current existence. I think his main competition would be Dumbo and Lady...and maybe Pegasus. But oh my goodness, he's adorable.

In other news, we canceled the news! Sort of. We canceled our subscription to the newspaper. I only bring it up because they've called us twice today to see if they could get us back. We've canceled them before and had the same problem. They're relentless! And if we have to go through this every time we cancel, why did we subscribe again? Because they use dirty rotten tricks, that's why! They send these adorable little boys to our apartment, saying either we'll be helping the children in the hospital, or we'll be helping them earn a trip to a cool place with their friends. And not only that, but the kids are actually going out and learning how to work for what they want! That's a good thing, right? Right!

But I still don't want the newspaper! We don't ever read it, so it ends up taking up space. We're filling up our apartment with dead trees! Aaaaaaahhhh! And when they sent another little boy to our apartment to sell us a subscription (despite the fact that we already had one (I hadn't canceled yet)), I had to steel myself and tell him no. But he was so cute and happy, and I want him to get to go to Magic Mountain! Why can't they sell us magazine subscriptions? I'd much rather waste space with a subscription to Disney Princess or Disney Fairies. If I were rich, I'd ask him how much the trip costs, and just write him a check for that! With a, "But no, I don't want a subscription." But then he wouldn't learn a good work ethic. Sad.

Fortunately, I think there are people out there who actually do read the news, so I don't think these kids are suffering too much.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Tarzan again, still liking Tarzan (I was afraid maybe I wouldn't, since we've kind of had a rash of watching old favorite Disney movies and thinking, "Why don't I like this anymore?" (not really a rash, just The Lion King and Hercules, and with Hercules there are extenuating circumstances)), new Castle tonight!, the super yummy cookies we baked last night, and having canceled our subscription to the newspaper.
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