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Vineyards and Lion Kings

Today we went to the vineyard for the grape harvest. It turned out to be a lot less strenuous than I was prepared for, which was very good, but waking up at six is still taking it's toll. We are both very sleepy right now. And we also hate naps, which is probably only making it worse. If we'd just give in, not only would we stop being sleepy, we would also stop expending energy trying to stay out of Slumberland. Seriously, sometimes it's like trying to hold two powerful magnets away from each other. But then we'd be all groggy and have a skewed sense of time. So we're going to stay awake, because we dislike that idea even more.

Anyway. The Lion King was pretty interesting to watch in 3D. Like I said on Facebook (we decided since everybody we know seems to only communicate via Facebook, we'd probably better stop avoiding it; now we go once a day, but maybe not on weekends--we'll see. right now, too tired), it's like a pop-up book, but 3D-er. It's really very fascinating to look at.

The first thing that really stood out to me as being more than just a pop-up book was the cheetah at the beginning. I noticed that the legs that were away from us were in a different plane than the ones closer to us. And Pumbaa's tusks were definitely doing some 3D stuff there, too. But I think the 3D effect had to do with lines only, so the colors were still all pretty flat. It made for an interesting effect in some places. It would be really cool if we could watch the 3D version in a setting where we can pause it and take off the glasses so we can see how they altered the perspective.

Oh! This part is important! When we got to the theater, we discovered that they actually do have non-3D screenings of The Lion King, so if you want to support hand-drawn animation (please do!) but absolutely hate 3D, you still have options!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Lion King 3D, making it safely to and from the vineyard, getting to talk to friendly people at the vineyard, getting chewy Sweet-tarts at the candy store, and having the opportunity to take full advantage of the five episodes of Psych that will be on tonight.
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