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We did it!!!

We did it! We finally did it! We turned in that volume of Negima!, and now we can get back to a more manageable schedule. (Actually, we finished pretty much around six, but then we spent the evening watching TV instead of, like, updating LiveJournal.) We're totally taking a half day tomorrow. So much fun stuff we've been putting off because there was no time... And chores! All this housework kept cropping up, and we were like, "Chores! Don't you understand we're busy!?" And now we can finally do them.

And we can read manga! We ordered manga on...Saturday? Yes, Saturday, and it got here on Tuesday (which is yesterday, come to think of it), we were so busy that when I was sitting on the couch eating dinner yesterday, I happened to see the two packages (we had to order from two different Kinokuniyas, because we needed the last volume of Kana, Kamo. before it went out of print, and the store that had that didn't have the Negima! volumes we wanted (we want to get ahead of schedule, and sometimes ordering your own books is the best way to do it))... Anyway, I happened to see the two packages, and I was like, "Oh yeah, I guess we got new manga." Because it had completely slipped my mind! Aaaaahhh!

Anyway. Hopefully we can regain some sense of composure now. But first, it's bedtime.

Today I'm thankful for finally being done with rushing to finish work and/or make up for lost hours, the yumminess of the Freschetta pizza we had for dinner tonight, getting to take a half day tomorrow, actually catching the first episode of the latest cycle of America's Next Top Model, and having shiny new manga to read.
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