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Home Evening Group last night was a bust. The only people who showed up were us and the girl whose home we hold it at. Fortunately she remembered, or it would have been really awkward. She said she had talked to another member of the group who said she was planning to come, so it makes me wonder if our fearless leader texted everyone to let them know it was canceled...and forget to contact the people that don't get text messages. Leadership fail.

So we waited for half an hour, and when nobody showed up, we played the Game of Life. It was a fairly good time.

Anyway, we're still not quite ready to relax as far as work is concerned, because, as expected, Negima! extras take forever to translate. Sigh. So we still need to get back to work after this.

In the meantime, we have a week to decide whether or not we want to buy The Lion King on Blu-ray. The only thing holding us back is the fact that we have it on DVD. If we have a perfectly good DVD, why buy it again? Because the DVD actually has a lot of what looks suspiciously like JPEG distortion. It doesn't really show up on our TV, though, because we don't have a fancy hi-def one. We still have our trusty old cathode ray tube. Also...we actually don't really like the Lion King that much. (If you think our opinion is wrong, feel free to try to convince us!)

But! that doesn't prevent us from wanting to go see it in 3D on Friday! To support hand-drawn animation, of course. We asked Celeste if she wanted to go, but she can't because Mom and Steve are going to visit her in her hometown to watch a high school football game. Thus football ruins everything once again. So then we were hoping to find a ride at Home Evening Group last night, but the reason we hold HEG at that one girl's house is that she doesn't drive, either. We'll just have to call around on Thursday, but argh.

Ah well, it'll work out.

Today I'm thankful for being done making up our hours for the big project, remembering to watch Tiger & Bunny last night, being done translating Negima! extras for now (still have to edit them, but that part's much easier), having a lovely conversation with Celeste last night (we gave her a phone call to wish her happy birthday), and being once again surrounded by adorable kitties.
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