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It's alive!!! ALIVE!!!!!

Bus Gamer is making a comeback!! This is totally one of our favoritest serieses, so we're very happy. See, Ichijinsha, who publishes Zero-Sum (the magazine that runs Saiyuki Reload), is starting a magazine targeted at boys, and one of the serieses they're going to run is Bus Gamer. They're also accepting submissions for new serieses, but you probably have to be in Japan to be eligible.

Anyway, because it's now being aimed at boys, Minekura-sensei is going to start the series all over, gearing it more towards guys. So now it's going to be even less gay, which is interesting because I think Bus Gamer is the least gay series of hers that we've read. We are definitely looking forward to this! we'll just have to wait about a year for the first tankoubon.
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