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The work continues

The days of spending all our waking hours working (or, like, eating) are over, but we still have a lot of work to do. Sigh. This book is due on Wednesday, though, and then we should be able to get back to a reasonable schedule, and stop working on Saturdays. It's hard, because we really like the story and everything, but we're at a point where it's hard not to keep asking, "Why are we still working?" On the other hand, there must be people out there who work even harder than we've been working, on a regular basis! So really, we should stop complaining.

In the meantime, today is Celeste's birthday dinner! Yay! Normally birthday dinners happen on Sunday (her real birthday isn't until Monday), but now that she lives about an hour away from everybody, she doesn't want to have the dinner on Sunday, because her ward doesn't get out until four, and probably also because she has to wake up early on weekdays and doesn't want to be out too late. The problem is we don't know what time this dinner is supposed to be starting. The only thing anyone ever told us about time is that the BYU game starts at four. And then Celeste called and asked if we were going to her birthday dinner and I said of course, and she said, "Did anyone ever tell you what time it would be at?" So apparently even the guest of honor doesn't know. Ah well.

Changing the subject again! lately we've noticed that after a month or two of being on bookstore shelves, the Negima! omnibus has made it to the New York Times manga bestseller list--two weeks in a row! We were pretty happy about this, of course, but we had to wonder. If it's been out so long, why is it making the list now? So we did a Google search to see if there was some influential reviewer or something that gave it a positive review. We couldn't find much, except for a few reviews that said there were some typos. Darn it.

There were also complaints that Ku Fei isn't ending her sentences with aru. I can understand why people don't like how it ended up in English, but leaving the aru ending isn't the answer! Well, maybe it is, but there's actually a reason sentences ending in aru translates into broken English. And actually, the volume of Negima! we're working on right now gives us a good opportunity to explain that in the translation notes. My one concern about doing that, though, is that I'd then want to explain why it's different with Kaede's gozaru and Poyo's poyo. That's not really a problem, of course, except for the fact that it could get really long. Ah well, we'll see how it turns out.

Today I'm thankful for Steve being kind enough to take us to the grocery store, having groceries! woohoo!, Reese's Chips Ahoy! being on sale (we decided to splurge on chocolate), big bags of little Payday bars, and tomorrow being Sunday and a day free of work.
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