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We're starting to get paranoid. Every time we open Outlook to find a new email, we're convinced it will be from our boss, berating us for not working hard enough. But we worked really hard today, and we think we got a lot done! So hopefully that will stop soon. In the meantime, actually getting stuff done on work today means feeling much better about life! Woohoo!

But we still have Negima! to work on. It's due on Wednesday and we haven't even started it! Aaaaahhhh! Fortunately, the deadline was set like this, "Here's three books you need to do in this order. When do you think you can get them done?" And we set our own deadlines, giving ourselves what would have been plenty of time if we hadn't had that delay in getting the books. But! plenty of time for us is probably (I hope) ahead of time for them! So we should be okay. I think.

That being the case, we have just enough time to watch Star Driver before dinner time! (Why are we watching anime instead of working? Well first, because we want to. Second, because it's easier to get work done in increments of approximately an hour.)

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of work done, the relief that comes from feeling productive, new Star Driver, the hope that this volume of Negima! will be very actiony (and therefore not very texty), and getting that other volume of manga turned in last night.
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