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We're back again!

We've been back for almost a day now, but yesterday was so busy anyway that we didn't even bother turning on the computer. Tuesday turned out to be extremely hectic, trying to finalize all our travel plans, make it to the bank...oh right, we got our paycheck on Tuesday morning, but we wanted to deposit it before contacting any of our Disneyland associates to make plans. So that took up some time, and we had an incredibly hard time finding a ride to Mom's house to scan some documents, and to the pet hotel to drop off our kitties. And throughout all this, we were trying to get a bunch of work done so our boss wouldn't stress out at us, but I think we failed massively on that front.

Speaking of work! We were all set to make our vacation happen, and then our boss found out we weren't working as many hours as we were supposed to, and he said he needed to know we were committed to the project! And we were like, "Oh no! We have to cancel our trip or we won't be committed!" So we decided to be completely honest, and tell him what was going on, and he said it was okay, we didn't have to cancel our trip. To make it up to him, as soon as we got home and got ourselves fed, we worked until bedtime, and then after we got caught up on internet things (which took approximately forever, because three of the manga artists whose blogs we follow had signing events to report on, and Andreas Deja had to post a video with Eleanor Audley (Maleficent) in it, and suddenly everybody was updating Live Journal--do you guys wait for us to disappear before posting or what?), we got right back to work. And then we finished everything we had to work on, so we ended up not putting in as many extra hours as we'd hoped, but hopefully our boss won't mind because we were productive.

Anyway. We went to Disneyland. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! We didn't end up canceling after all, as I'm sure everyone figured out by our lack of posts. But what happened was we were planning to have Gaston take us by Mom's house and the pet hotel on our way down South (and to a cell phone store to get a pay-as-you-go phone, but that didn't happen at all), but he got held up and he thought it would save time if we called somebody else for that particular bit of transportation. So we called like six people and finally got a ride from Athena's visiting teacher, who works at a bakery and so usually isn't awake in the afternoon, but she just happened to be awake on Tuesday. We're very thankful for tender mercies.

We dropped off our kitties and felt very sad to leave them in a strange place with strange people who would make them eat strange food and shove medicine down Oreo's throat. And then we went to Mom's house where we met her adorable new cat, Rogue. Apparently there's a whole X-Men theme with all the little critters at Mom's house--Storm, Rogue, Logan...

When we got back to our apartment and called Gaston, we discovered he was already waiting for us outside. Somehow we'd missed him on our way to our apartment. I don't know how long he'd been waiting, but either way, it doesn't seem like we saved that much time by getting another ride. Ah well; everything worked out for the best, we think.

We drove down to Anaheim, and checked in to our hotel, which, thanks to, was rather inexpensive, and also happened to be the same one we stayed in the last time we went to Disneyland...last October. And the next day, we finally returned to Disneyland.

But the trip, while awesome, was also amazingly exhausting, so I don't really feel like typing up a full report today. It might not be a very long report, but it does take energy to think back on everything that happened, and it really might be long. So I will start on it tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting our money in time to go to Disneyland, our boss saying it was okay not to cancel our trip, Athena's visiting teacher being available to give us a ride, Mom letting us use her scanner, and getting to meet Mom's adorable new kitty.
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