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Getting down to the wire

Today has been a day of trying and failing to get something to work. But on the bright side, we got some happy emails! But also kind of, "Aww..." at the same time emails.

Our boss at one of the companies we work for emailed to let us know that she has our checks! Woohoo! does not even begin to describe it. And they're for like six books, so it will be very nice to get that payment.

On the other hand, she doesn't want to send them out, because there's a hurricane in New York right now, and they could get lost in the mail, thus making them take even super extra long to get to us! She asked if we wanted her to send them anyway, and we were like, "No, we don't want to make mail delivery people risk their lives for something like this." So she will send them next week, after the hurricane passes. In the meantime, we pray for everyone's safety.

But what that means is that we might or might not get paid in time to go to Disneyland. If we push our trip back a day, we're more likely to get the money in time, but there's another problem. We still haven't gotten the books we need to work on from our other client, and our deadline for the first one is on Wednesday. Like, in five days.

It's not a huge problem for a couple of reasons. First, they won't hold us responsible for missing a deadline when it wasn't our fault, and second, that particular book probably won't take more than a couple of days to get through. But! if we're at Disneyland, we won't be working on any manga translations.

Again, they probably wouldn't hold it against us, since we had been planning to go to Disneyland for a while now, but the main thing is this: With our new project starting up, we need to make sure to use our time wisely. Next week is the last week before the big project hits full swing, which makes it the week when we'll have the most breathing room for other, smaller projects. It doesn't seem like the best of ideas to save our work until we have more work.

On the other hand, if the books haven't been sent yet, we might as well go to Disneyland, because they won't get here until about when we'd be getting back anyway. But only if we get money in time to go Tue-Wed-Thur as per our original plan.

It's kind of neat to have the suspense of not knowing until the very last minute, but also kind of annoying. Ah well. Either way, at least Page is getting her vaccines.

Today I'm thankful for the assurance that we're likely to get paid in time to pay rent, neat presentations about language learning programs, figuring out that it's the minagiru kesshou that makes combo leaf, making it past the all-boss tournament at the Mirage Arena, and telemarketers that aren't overly persistent.
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