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What's in a name?

We still haven't been paid, so we're still not sure if we'll be able to go to Disneyland next week, but we decided that we'd better be prepared in case we can go. That being the case, Page needs her vaccines so they'll let her stay at the pet hotel. She's like...way overdue...eheh.

So I called the vet to make an appointment! And Oreo was sitting there on the floor the whole time. See, first I called Mom to see if she'd be willing to take us to the vet, and then I sat around for a few minutes, and Oreo was there the whole time, listening. And he didn't seem to have any problems, until I was on the phone with the Banfield associate, I think is what the recording called her while I was on hold, and she asked for my name, and she asked for my pet's name, and I said, "Page. P-A-G-E." And for some reason, that's when Oreo got alarmed. I don't remember seeing him skulk away, but I do remember not seeing him for a while after that.

In other non-news news, when Celeste was over the other day, she told us about how there was this girl in her new ward that she got along with pretty well, and they talked for a long time, and then Celeste realized she didn't know the girl's name. And it started to bug her a lot. I don't remember the rest of the story...Athena says she thinks the story has yet to be resolved, but the point is, it was kind of odd for us to realize that Celeste was really bothered not to know this person's name.

Normally if we're talking to someone for a while, and they go away without our knowing their name, we say to each other, "Who was that again?" "I don't know." "Oh. Oh well." So is it just because we're so used to people not knowing our names that it doesn't bother us not to know other people's names? Or are we just that cold and distant?

I remember in Gargoyles, before they gave themselves names, people would be all, "What are your names?" and they'd be all, "We don't have 'em." "But you have to have names!" "Why?" And when we watched those scenes, we'd be like, "That's an interesting perspective," rather than, "Yeah! You have to have names!"

Of course names make things easier for like, when I'm telling a story on LJ that involves a lot of people. That's why I make up code names, after all. And I like having names, of course. It just never occurred to us that it would bother people so much to not know somebody's name.

Anyway. Just thinking out loud.

Today I'm thankful for getting an appointment for Page to get her vaccines, Mom being kind enough to drive us there, not being killed (or deafened) by ear drops, finally watching our Gundam Seed Destiny vol.3 DVD, and getting to try some Dutch cocoa last night. We followed the instructions (for hot chocolate, which we proceeded to chill) on the canister this time, but there wasn't nearly enough chocolate in it. We're definitely going to have to adjust the recipe.
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