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Vineyards and nametags (no relation)

After we posted yesterday, we got a call from our home teacher saying he couldn't take us to the vineyard after all, so for a second I was like, "Oh darn, can't go after all." And then I was like, "Okay, stop being a lazy slacker and call somebody else for a ride." So we did, and we went to the vineyard after all! And it was haaaaarrrrrrrd. And now we ache all over. And other than that, there's not really much to report, though I guess I could comment on the huge weeds that towered over the grape vines. And the guy who did end up driving us told us he found a giant grasshopper, a couple of lizards, and a praying mantis. One girl got a cricket or a grasshopper in her hair and totally freaked out about it, but after that, whenever there was a bug, she was like, "Get a picture!"

Anyway. Today was pretty uneventful, except that we did get some of the materials we needed to work on, but not enough to prevent us from being distracted from the other materials that arrived today, and quitting work early. Eheh.

But since we can't talk about that yet, we can tell a few stories about what happened with the nametags on Sunday.

The first person to see us wearing them was our friend who drives us to church every week, who said nothing about them. She was driving another friend to church, who also said nothing about them until later.

See, before sacrament meeting, the bishop sat down next to Athena to talk to her about stuff. That was the day she was going to be released from her calling as chorister and sustained in her new calling as a member of the compassionate service committee, and he commented, "You wore a nametag to help me out." Well, we both knew that having nametags wouldn't help him with that at all, because you don't even need to be present to be released or sustained (although it's preferable to be there when sustained), all he had to do was read the name on his list. Unfortunately, the list had it wrong, so when he said the wrong name, he commented, "She even wore a nametag to help me out..."

So then, when Athena went to Sunday school, she passed by the second friend from the ride to church who said, "Is that really what that is? A nametag?" And Athena was like, "Yup," and she was like, "I can't read it at all, by the way." We had been worried about legibility, but Athena says they were halfway across the room from each other, and this friend has told us that she desperately needs a new glasses prescription, so Athena wasn't too shaken up about it. I was busy playing postlude music on the organ, so I didn't witness the exchange at all.

The only other things that happened with the nametags were the one I already talked about, with all the people hanging around the bishop's office, and then after I posted on Sunday, when our home teachers came over. We thought we'd make it easy for them to tell us apart, but one of our home teachers, who has been mentioned before but in case nobody remembers (which is likely), is a twin himself, he was like, "You're not even gonna let me try on my last visit?" (He's going up to BYU this week.)

So we both quickly hid our nametags so he could see if he could tell who was who. It was pretty funny to me, us striking our dramatic poses, kind of like when Dahlia is still putting on her nice girl act but gets upset. And then he got it right! Yay!

And those are the only nametag stories we have so far. Though I'm not sure there will be that many in the future, either. It's mostly just people see them and make a note to themselves. We didn't wear them at the vineyard yesterday because the vineyard is covered in dirt, and we don't have any way of cleaning our nametags because we can't get them wet.

Today I'm thankful for receiving work material, receiving other shiny material, surviving weeding the vineyard, the guys being done painting our balcony (at least for today), and getting to watch the Suite Life / I'm in the Band crossover On Demand last night.
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