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The great nametag experiment

Our home teachers have scheduled an appointment for today at four-thirty, so now we're updating LJ while we wait. We have a little less than half an hour, so let's see if we can finish! ...Or they just called to say they're going to be late because one of them is busy.

Anyway, today we began our grand experiment! ...Or our little experiment, or not even really an experiment, because we're not trying to prove anything, but I guess it's still an experiment, because we are trying to change the status quo, and we don't know if this will succeed or not.

Anyway. After I decided that I have a physical aversion to photo editing (I know it's not even hard, but for some reason, the thought of it just makes me want to go blaaaah...), Athena was kind enough to finish making nametags while I practiced the piano the other day. And after I made her do all the work of printing and cutting them out, she still let me help with the shrinking! She's so nice. (She says, "I don't like baking." And thus we see once again that we are all given different talents so that we can help each other.)

So we printed out the nametags and shrank them to nametag size! And while I was practicing the piano yesterday, Athena got out the hot glue gun and glued pin-backs to them, so today they were all ready to wear to church! Tadah! (Okay, so technically they weren't all ready; we're supposed to spray a finish over them or something...? anyway, now we have to be careful not to get them wet.)

Now, it's true that originally the whole nametag idea began as a little bit of revenge, but after we shelved the idea, we noticed people were having a hard time figuring out who we were, and the bishopric's wives kept suggesting we do things to be "different" and stuff. For example, I taught the lesson last week, and the very sweet sister who gave the closing prayer said, "We thank thee for the lesson which...Sister Nibley prepared for us." (We're in a young single adult ward, so everyone's pretty much on a first-name basis most of the time.)

We've constantly had the bishop's counsel in the back of our minds, from when he told us that people kind of get intimidated by the whole twin thing, and he said that this was just a suggestion and if we didn't feel comfortable with it, don't worry about it, but we might want to try to be more individual. That was kind of tricky, because we like all the same stuff, and we haven't had enough money to buy church clothes that don't match. He also said it's okay to have different friends, but that idea doesn't make sense. We like doing the same stuff, so why specifically leave each other out? We've always preferred to include people.

Anyway, nametags seemed like a good way to help people identify us without us having to change our identities. And there you have it.

We were a little worried about how it would go. I mean, sure it's weird to wear nametags, but that didn't bother me so much. If Athena had a Disneyland nametag, too, we would have been wearing them long ago, because we like to be weird like that. The problem is that the photo editing software we used to design the nametags only had a very limited selection of font colors. That being the case, the letters don't stand out from the background as much as would be helpful for a normal nametag. But since they're legible from a normal conversational distance, we figured it would be okay, and in the meantime, people can wonder what the blue stickers we're wearing are all about. We plan on designing more, too; these ones are the prototypes.

As for whether or not they were successful... I think it will be hard to determine for a while. But when we were standing around outside the bishop's office, all the people there seemed pretty excited to be able to tell us apart, so I think we're good. The bishop's wife very much approved, so on the one hand, I'm like, "Whew," but on the other hand I'm like, "What the heck?" She's been the biggest advocate for our being different, so I was a little indignant. But maybe the advocacy came from wanting to be able to tell us apart, and now that she can, we can do whatever the heck else we want to do.

On the other hand, except for when we were outside the bishop's office, nobody really seemed to notice, except for the choir director's girlfriend, who asked us about the blue stickers. She figured they must have been from Disneyland (we wish), which isn't an entirely bad guess, considering we used a picture of Cinderella's castle.

Today I'm thankful for our nametags being legible, complementary talents, dictionaries to let me know that complementary is supposed to be spelled with an E in this context, finding another good mint chip ice cream, and finishing this entry before our home teachers showed up.
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