Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Sneaky kitty

I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but lately, Oreo has appeared to have this compelling desire to go outside. He can tell when we're getting ready to go out, and he perks up and starts to head for the door. We couldn't figure out why--like, is he bored? Does he want a change of scenery? Is he trying to figure out where we keep going? Oh no, what if he's looking for Mimsy? Etc. etc. We were quite distraught at not knowing how to make our kitty happy.

Well, of course we'd let him out every so often, but he's an indoor cat, so when we do, I like to go out and keep an eye on him. Usually he would just sniff around for a while, and when he was satisfied (or when a strange neighbor came too close) he'd go back inside. Alternatively, we would get eager to move on to other things, or Page would dash outside and onto this little roofy thing that leads to the other side of our apartment (as opposed to away from our apartment, into the little veranda type thing that functions as an outdoor hallway), and, in our minds, to Danger. When one of these things happened, we'd be anxious to get the kitties inside, and so Athena would lure them in with treats.

Lately, we've taken to letting Oreo out when we know we have some time to spare, so he actually has had time to sniff the entire length of the hallway, figure out there wasn't anything good to eat, and come back inside. This happened once, maybe twice, and then when he was done sniffing around, he'd get settled outside our next-door neighbors' door. This had us really anxious, because we don't feel like it's a good idea to let him hang out outside all the time. We don't have a cat door, and Oreo's only got indoor kitty shots (I think...but that uncertainty is exactly why we think it's better to keep him inside).

Well today, Athena still had laundry to put away, so we let him stay settled for a while. I went out to pet him, and he meowed at me. That's unusual--Oreo doesn't normally meow when he wants attention. He normally meows...when he wants food.

So now our theory is that Oreo likes to go outside because he thinks we'll give him food as incentive to come back in. Oh, you sneaky little kitty.

So, in an attempt to teach him that he has to come inside and then get rewarded, I carried him in, and then Athena gave him some yummy food, and now he's been pretty settled down for a while. Punk cat. (But we ♥ him.)

Today I'm thankful for the very tasty chocolate covered pretzels we had last night, finding out a potential reason that Oreo keeps wanting to go outside, getting new Classic Composers CDs today, having pretty name tags, and the shrinky dinks working. And wow, we forgot we had a kitties icon. Thankful for that, too!
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