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It feels so much later than it really is.

That's probably because we got home from a long day and realized we need to do laundry, which means we'll be up a lot later. So even though it isn't very late right now, we're feeling the stress of being up way too late.

Today actually was pretty fun. We saw Just Like Heaven and enjoyed it a lot more than we thought we would. And we totally called it, just like how I totally called it when we were watching Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy. Before we saw the movie, we had some time to kill, so we went to Borders--Mom wanted to pick up a couple of volumes of Fruits Basket so we could sign them and they could give them to the daughter of the couple they hung out with when they were in Hawaii. We're of the opinion that it's not really our work to sign, so we're going to try to avoid actually signing anything.

Anyway, they had a Momiji plushie with their anime merchandise (they also had some actual un-translated manga...the mind boggles), and I wanted to buy him, but I wasn't sure if we had the money, so I just put him on my head and balanced him there as I walked around the store for about twenty minutes. (He actually was kind enough to stay on my head for that long.) Eventually, Mom asked if I was going to buy him, and I said that I wanted to but wasn't sure I could afford it, so she asked how much he was, and all went according to plan until she decided that since he didn't have a pricetag he must not be for sale. So I had to say goodbye. But if I really wanted him, I would have bought him anyway.

Also, while we wandered around, Steve and Scott ended up sitting at a table across from a guy reading Saiyuki manga with hair kind of like Goku's. It was pretty neat, but probably unintentional, since he was reading the first two volumes.

After dinner, we watched X-Men 2. This is where I started to be conflicted. See, while we were waiting for everyone to finish doing whatever they needed to do before we could start the movie, Steve wanted to find something to watch on TV just to kill time. He repeated over and over that he wanted to find some stupid little thing that we'd be able to easily pull ourselves away from, and we repeated over and over that if he turned to Cartoon Network, it would probably be an episode of Teen Titans that we've seen. Sarah told us that Steve would never change it to Cartoon Network (apparently he thinks all cartoons are crap), so we said he was probably afraid, but he still refused to change it until Athena dared him to. And Mom says we don't understand what boys are like.

So when he changed it, it was Naruto, when they were testing him and it looked like he was about to do the sexy no jutsu, so Athena said that he should probably change the channel back quickly, which he did. I wanted to see how he would have reacted, but it's probably for the best.

Then, while we're watching the movie, we'll comment on things. For example, when Mystique was in the bar, the TV had that thing where they were talking to Dr. Hank McCoy. We saw the name and said, "Yay!" Steve asked what the yay was for, and we said, "Hank McCoy is Beast!" And he says, "Oh yeah, I forgot." That's not a major thing--he could have easily just been saying that so as not to sound uninformed. Except that later on, he was the first one to say anything about Phoenix.

Now I know that he followed X-Men at some point in the past, so I called him on it. He says, "I was a kid once too!" So I asked him why he liked comic books but not any cartoons, many of which are based on comics. I think he said something about how he's not a kid anymore, so I pointed out his apparent enjoyment of the movie we had just watched, and he said, "This was well written!" I think I responded by saying something about how they're based on the same thing, and then there were distractions, so I had some time to think.

And here's what I thought: "I could spend my time trying to convince this man that cartoons are a worthwhile form of entertainment... but why would I want to share my beloved cartoons with a guy like him?" Kind of like in Danny Phantom where Dash told Mikey, "Don't talk to him! You're nowhere near cool enough." Steve is Mikey, and cartoons are what he's nowhere near cool enough to talk to.

That's a very selfish way of looking at things, though, and sharing interests might actually help us to be friends with that man (a thought which makes my skin crawl at this point...). So it's probably a good thing that on the way home when he was explaining himself and mentioned how he used to watch cartoons with his oldest all the time but has never seen Spongebob or Jimmy Neutron with his middle and youngest children, I couldn't help pointing out that those cartoons are bad (many apologies to any fans of those shows; it was just my opinion) and that he should watch Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom.

And so tonight I'm thankful for movie theaters, bookstores, Momiji plushies, DVDs, and X-Men.
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