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Star Driver!

After a long, long, long wait, today we finally got to watch Star Driver! Woohoo! We'd been looking forward to seeing it ever since the one day we decided to check the Bones website for some reason and found out that was the next thing they were working on. We were hoping and hoping and hoping that someone would pick it up for simulcast, but no such luck! Boo!

But now! Bandai has picked it up, and they're releasing it on Crunchyroll, so we don't have to wait for our delinquent payments to be able to see it! Yay! And they started with the first two episodes, so at least we didn't have to wait quite so long for the second episode.

Anyway! why were we so eager to see this series, you ask? Well, let me tell you! Not only is it done by the same studio that animated Ouran High School Host Club, but it has the same director and the same head writer! And the tagline said something about a galactic pretty boy! How can we miss it!?

Incidentally, the head writer for this was also the head writer for Utena, and so far the formulas for each episode are kind of the same. It's about this guy who transfers to a new school (on an island), and finds himself battling to protect the island's shrine maidens from some evil(?) organization that wants to unleash some great power to change the world. And he battles with the power of the Ginga Bishonen! (That's galactic pretty boy.)

So far it's not as mad-capped as Host Club, but it's definitely entertaining. Although we could do with a little less boing factor, but that tends to go down after the first couple of episodes anyway. And it has the voices of Tamaki and Haruhi!

Speaking of which! years ago, when Host Club was on the air, we said, "It's too bad for Tamaki that Haruhi is destined to be with Hikaru." We were referring to their voice actors, because Haruhi's voice (Maaya Sakamoto) and Hikaru's voice (Kenichi Suzumura) played characters that ended up together in at least two other things we had seen in the past (Final Fantasy VII and Gundam Seed Destiny). And now! Sakamoto-san and Suzumura-san are married in real life! We knew it!

Anyway, go check out Star Driver! It's awesome!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see Star Driver, not being disappointed by it, not having to wait for delinquent payments before getting to see it, Zack and Aeris being married in real life, and getting to sleep in this morning.
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